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"That's a wonderful film a lot of people love for the comedy and drama of it."
Author: Bibler Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"This is the furthest I think we and Comedy Central have taken a branded content integration. We've integrated our message into the content, so we're just part of the experience."
Author: Spencer Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"I think in troubled times, we're going to see the same genre that worked during the depression -- comedy. People need to escape, they need to laugh, they need to forget the grim realities of the world. Comedies are going to become king at the box office."
Author: Grove Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"There's a lot of comedy in this as well."
Author: Sevy Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"I saw this sign posted once, it said, 'blasting zone ahead'. Wow... shouldn't that read: Road Closed. What do you mean there's a blasting zone, what am I supposed to do, 'Hey-- ah, you might wanna buckle up, blasting zone coming up. Yeah. Just saw the sign. Put the helmets on back there! Yeah I think we're-- (Pow!)-- Oh! We're getting close! (Pow!)-- Oh! This is gonna be a bad blasting zone! Remember that last one--we lost Billy?"
"This project is a noisy, compelling combination of bold drama and laugh-out-loud comedy,"
Author: Reilly Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"It's a difficult subject matter, especially for a comedy. It's not everyone's cup of tea. People magazine gave it four stars; the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times hated it. We had eight days [to do each of the seven half-hour episodes], and it was filmed out of sequence. I'm proud of my work in it; I felt like I did a pretty good job. The reviews for me have been nice. I loved working with Sterling Brown and Del Pentecost. It was a great learning experience."
Author: Benanti Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"It isn't easy to create a drama infused with comedy, and 'Psych' just knocks it out of the park."
Author: Wachtel Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"Evolution ... Just the right formula of science and comedy may get moviegoers through the door"
Author: Reitman Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"I still want to do a comedy series."
Author: Ark Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"You see weird things driving... I've never understood log trucks, sometimes you'll be out on the highway, you see two big giant trucks loaded up with logs, and they pass eachother on the highway... I don't understand it. I mean, if they need logs over there... and they need 'em over there, you'd think a phone call would save 'em a whole lot of trouble."
"And to answer the question that people have about this conspiracy theory that he has a pack in his back, my answer is, if someone was feeding him answers, couldn't they be able to feed him better ones than he came up with?"
Author: Maher Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"It isn't easy to create a drama infused with comedy, and Psych just knocks it out of the park."
Author: Wachtel Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"If you elect a matinee idol mayor, you're going to have a musical comedy administration."
Author: Moses Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes American Publicservant Quotes
"Comedy deflates the sense precisely so that the underlying lubricity and malice may bubble to the surface."
Author: Goodman Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"It's the comedy conundrum right now. You hear from the audience that they want something more than 'stupid' sitcoms. The young audience wants different form-breakers, but it's hard to get a mass-appeal show that breaks the form too much."
Author: Reilly Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"Comedy is very controlling - you are making people laugh. It is there in the phrase 'making people laugh.' You feel completely in control when you hear a wave of laughter coming back at you that you have caused."
Author: Radner Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"Cameron wanted that Jack Lemmon quality for Drew, ... That kind of crazed, quirky physical comedy and that Billy Wilder style of drama, as well. Obviously, [Crowe is] hugely influenced by Wilder, so it was cool. It was an important part of the DVD collection while we were filming."
Author: Bloom Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"If women ran the world we wouldn't have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days."
"Comedy is always slighted,"
Author: Carr Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes

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