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"Use your common sense,"
Author: White Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"Common sense would tell you that when you see your starting quarterback out there practicing, and knowing what he has gone through and all the little concerns and all the things you think about when you go through what he went through, it's a relief to see him back on the field and having fun and throwing the ball down field 50 yards, strikes, ... I think that's all behind us now."
"[It is] surpassingly strange, ... put their common sense on hold."
"The best prophet is common sense, our native wit."
"The eureka moment is two reasons why the output-based standard should be adopted: common sense and accountability. Input-based standards don't encourage energy diversity; they don't create any incentives; they don't produce solar, hydro, nuclear."
Author: Luntz Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"Common sense is calculation applied to life."
Author: Amiel Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"There is nothing a man of good sense dreads in a wife so much as her having more sense than himself."
"The question of common sense is ''what is it good for?'' A question which would abolish the rose and be answered triumphantly by the cabbage."
"Resistance has finally given way to common sense,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"I think if you've got any common sense at all, you watched the way he worked in Spring Training and the way he got off the mound to field balls. If I were them, I'd watch. Kenny shouldn't have to go around and talk to them about it. All they should have to do is observe."
"If you can use your common sense and you can put the whole record together, I think it was a good presentation that didn't make the point that logic and common sense would allow to be made."
"Other states across the nation have moved forward to protect their citizens. I think this is a common-sense, slow-motion step, allowing localities to take their own way."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes Citizens Quotes
"He's truly a renaissance individual for our times, ... I've likened him to a Will Rogers voice in Congress (with) humor (and) common sense. He brought real legislative achievements, working on environmental issues for Southern California ... working on issues for the voters of California by protecting their will against activist judges. He was a well-rounded and dedicated lawmaker."
"Common sense hides shame."
"I'm good at my job for a midwestern American. Maybe it's because people in fashion often mistake common sense for genius. I mean, some model walks down the runway in an impossible outfit, and I state the obvious no one is going to wear that and people are like, you're brilliant!"
"They want you to throw your common sense out the window."
"I guess it's something that has kind of developed, ... By the time the game starts, coach Reggie and I have studied the opponent so much I know the percentages of what a team will do on third down or second down or out of a certain formation. When you look at football scientifically and probabilities you can guess right. And sometimes it's just common sense. When they've got three or four guys over here and one over there, you can guess the ball is going over there."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes Opponent Quotes
"The current anti-doping rules lack any notion of common sense. ... He had a well-documented reason for the positive test."
Author: Lund Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes
"Consumers are realizing the benefits of in-car entertainment and navigation systems. When used properly, these products are great tools that help drivers focus on the road. Consumers need to remember to follow state laws, watch the road and use common sense when putting these and other products to work."
Author: Shapiro Quotes Category: Common Sense Quotes Consumers Quotes
"We'll obviously use common sense, in that if players aren't yet up to the level of fitness we're looking for we won't risk them. We don't want to risk any injuries before the Northern Rail Cup campaign."

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