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Sports Quotes

559 Sports quotes:

"We've dropped off the pace. Other sports are much more professional than they used to be and they're able to capture the best kids."
Author: McNamee Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"In sports, there are not a lot of times when you can walk away from the game on your own terms."
Author: Feagles Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Until 4 p.m. on Friday, ... we didn't know the answer if we could compete in our sports programs."
Author: Dickson Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I got to do the afternoon sports,"
Author: Corey Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I like them to be on fall and winter sports teams. A lot of them need the organization to keep them active."
Author: McClain Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"We knew the cover of Sports Illustrated would be big, and it's going according to plan."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"We just had that perfect storm of Frisco and the ISD and Collin County and Hunt Sports Group, ... They took it as their own and ran with it and took it to a height I never could have imagined."
Author: Sutter Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Some sports are more challenged than others, but we're committed to improving the numbers. We don't want any sport below 925. It's not an easy job. We just need to make sure that anybody who is admitted to the university has the ability to graduate, has the right support and is monitored appropriately."
Author: Maturi Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"All sports ratings are up. When you take the NHL out of the picture other sports start getting a lot of attention from the media. That gets people interested."
Author: King Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"You are only as good as the coach thinks you are."
"They miss the spring sports in their senior year and they miss being the stud walking around the hallways, as compared to being a rookie again. We feel it's something they have to buy in to. They have to want to do it. If we encourage it and they miss their senior prom and their football banquet, then it just doesn't work out."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"In terms of accessibility and reach, State Farm sees the NCAA tournament as the sports equivalent of its brand. With our 17,000 State Farm agents, we have the same significant accessibility and reach. This ad ties the business of insurance to the fun and fan excitement surrounding the tournament. It shows how we can help the customer get the coverage they need, with exceptional State Farm customer service, at a competitive price."
Author: Gibson Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I know it's got a lot of sports fields. We're going to set all sorts of records."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I don't take sports seriously although I like that Scottish thing where they throw the poles. I'm down with that."
Author: Buck Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"That's the great thing about him. It doesn't matter if he's on the cover of Sports Illustrated or if he's struggling, he's the same person. That's a great quality to have."
Author: McCann Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"I spent 29 years at ABC Sports. Ed Rendell has spent the last three years as governor, and he wants to be a broadcaster. Let's give Ed Rendell what he wants."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"It's a growing sport, period. It's supposed to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Last week we were No. 13, so I was surprised to see we were No. 8. It gives us motivation to prove to the rest of the section we deserve to get that high a seed."
Author: Spinardi Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"We have several seniors from a lot of different sports,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Knowing that and looking at our enrollment in our classes and other lifetime sports and activities, we thought that this would be a good addition to what we offer our students."
Author: Kavon Quotes Category: Sports Quotes

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