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Communication Quotes

391 Communication quotes:

"We tried to neutralize their key players and exploit the wings. I was happy to see team's communication and passing go as smooth as it did."
"Is the book accurate? Absolutely. While she was writing the book, she and I were in constant communication. She would talk to me about what she was writing and ask me about my memory of things."
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"We just need to be a little more organized. Have a little more communication."
"Miscommunication is often a "tap root" when a problem arises."
"Chen's visit is a communication between the CPC and the KMT. We wish the Taiwan authorities not to hinder him for some unreasonable excuses."
"It is no use speaking in soft, gentle tones if everyone else is shouting."
"At Nortel, our focus is providing multimedia communication capabilities that increase employee productivity and drive innovation, ... Our new IP multimedia solutions are designed to make it possible for employees to collaborate and work more effectively. The results are a more collaborative environment, increased worker productivity and the ability to be much more responsive to customer needs."
"It was just communication. They run some killer screens so when we got hung up, we switched. The main thing was communicating."
"I'm convinced over time, all voice communication will migrate to the Internet."
"My basic rule is to speak slowly and simply so that my audience has an opportunity to follow and think about what I am saying."
"He showed us in the bowl game the production we can get out of him. There was great communication up front, identifying the (opposing) fronts. He was letting us know everything that was going on. It worked out for the best. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't leave him there."
"Once you understand the type of energy that it takes, the type of effort and communication it takes with your teammates, then it becomes fun when you're all on the same page."
"Leadership and communication go hand in hand."
"Look for enterprises to explore the benefits of federating their communication networks."
"public outreach, communication, strategy and concerns."
"A lot of that dealt with communication with the public."
"You have to have good communication with the person that's doing the massage. Massage is very personal."
"We're very serious about communication. That's offensive that anybody would think we don't take communications seriously."
"The most important thing is communication and getting closer. They have to break the barrier between the committee and staff. It has to be really close. I mean, we really have to close ranks now after what has happened."
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"I think there is irony in the fact that the computer is both their chief venue of communication and propaganda and also the mother of all their fears,"

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