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"This company is very deep in skilled management, so my guess is that this will have little enduring impact, ... But so far, this stock market hasn't been applauding (Prince), and if that's a measure of how he's performed to date, he gets a mixed review."
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"This is a brilliant strategic move by Quantum and great news for customers. The combined company will have an enormous set of offerings, the scale, footprint and financial foundation to really have an impact in the data protection market. This acquisition propels Quantum into a clear top three position among the largest data protection suppliers, and makes them big enough to control their own fate. I love this deal."
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"If you look at a company like Dell, it's gone up so much so fast that there was little support between 120 and 130, so its not surprising that they would give some of it back."
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"I think they're in trouble. The SEC is going to force her out of the company. That would be very damaging."
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"We had a company calling all the way from Augusta on behalf of a state trooper benevolent association. There was also a company calling around presenting itself as the 'Glynn County Police and Sheriff Association.' The only problem is that we've checked around and there is no such organization."
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"The creator of this worm has taken advantage of the importance of a company appearing among the first few links in the search results of an internet browser,"
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"The company was the great speculator of the modern-day commodity exchanges."
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"In our industry today only a strong company with a global reach can ensure long-term employment and provide acceptable returns for shareholders."
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"We feel we have a sound plan in place that will satisfy our vendors and continue moving the company forward,"
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"Focus. With so many creative minds around the company, there are always more projects than we can effectively take on at one time."
"The company will still record a strong result for the year ended 30 June 2003 and will remain one of the most profitable airlines in the world,"
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"My initial reaction when I heard that Kent was hired, 'Thank God he's a company man,'"
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"The company built their name around modems, but the days of modems are long past,"
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"I think this is starting to be a longer issue for this company."
"I see in 2006 that people will become more and more confident about outsourcing network security to a company like us because we have a proven track record. They can get more features and functionality while keeping costs low with outsourcing."
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"The technical staff of the gas company has started the repair work and hopefully the supply would be restored by the evening."
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"You want to know what the company said before the market opens in the morning."
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"The jury understood the company behaved responsibly in regard to developing this drug and in marketing this drug. We feel very vindicated."
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"There's a conundrum, ... My company needs me. I would like to get back to work. I would like this to be over."
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"It is a negatively developing story. When a company cuts its dividend, that screams 'run away from this credit."
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