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"There's also more room when an individual poses some kind of litigation threat to the company over any of the protected kinds of situations like discrimination against age, gender or race, ... That kind of potential exposure to litigation can sometimes be extra leverage for a person to bump up their package."
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"This is where the company takes place. Isn't that where all businesses get started?"
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"No other content company has such a complete understanding of technology, and no other technology company has Sony's insight into content."
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"I'm extremely pleased to be joining the company that is playing an attractive role in the areas of convergence, IMS enablement and network evolution, ... ITS' technological innovation and growth trajectory, coupled with its leadership in Value Added Solutions with unique value propositions and compelling return on investment models, make it uniquely positioned to win in the global marketplace. I'm fully committed to helping carriers and customers around the world to launch innovative and lucrative services, and to accelerating the company's success in the marketplace."
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"We held down the prices as long as we could. But the president of the company makes the price changing decisions and we have to follow them."
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"One day I received a bill from a mobile phone company for £2,000 ($3,660) for a telephone bill and then shortly after that I was refused a mortgage,"
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"The company has indicated (the charge) will be less than the $1.1 billion that was taken in early 1998, which involved 10,000 (job cuts),"
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"I'm investing in a company that has patented wallet technology that will deodorize currency. That way people won't have to deal with money that smells funny."
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"As a public company, Goldman Sachs will have the financial strength and strategic flexibility to continue to serve our clients effectively as well as to respond thoughtfully to the business and competitive environment over the long term."
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"This is the defining moment for this horse. She's got to prove herself against open company. That race at Bay Meadows was much easier. The owners' goal is to make it to the Kentucky Oaks (at Churchill Downs on May 5), and this is one more proving ground to see if she is worthy."
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"Maybe the R&D growth isn't as fast as the overall growth of the company, but it's still significant growth. We want to award companies that do that."
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"I think we'll get a recasting of the combined company on a backward-looking basis and some parameters for looking at the second half. I doubt that we will see any specific guidance beyond that."
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"Clark is a very good company. We look forward to working with them, ... You never know. We'll have to see when it comes [this fall]. I'm hoping it all gets done."
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"[If so, he had company.] That's two weeks in a row, ... We've got to figure something out."
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"I have never represented (or heard of) a company where a 'pattern of violations' had been used."
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"We're a company that's built on brands."
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"It is not for me (to decide). It is up to the company to decide whether the price is fair or not."
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"In addition to the end market recovery, the company is benefiting from a new management team who has been refocusing the cost reduction initiative throughout the organizations. That program, which began in early 2004, has resulted in significant dividends for the company, especially in the last 12 months."
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"I think the network's fine, it's a solid company and they'll wind up settling (the suit) somehow."
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"The company has hired a job-testing expert to come up with a new job analysis."
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