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"We had no competition in pool play, and then we went up against a good team that was playing well. I hope we can take a lesson from it. If we stick to our game plan, we should be able to spin this into a positive heading into the playoffs."
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"Bush likes people who keep low profiles. He likes to be the star. He doesn't like competition from within."
"We faced four good teams in three days this week. This competition will make us better as district play rolls around."
"Better competition will make us perform better. You play really good teams to prepare for the playoffs, and we want to try and make every game seem like the championship game. That's the approach we need to take into every game."
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"We don't usually win things, but if you're going to be in competition, you might as well win. I've been laughed out of Venice with my films."
"There could have been competition."
"It's always good just for competition, but there's a lot of good running backs that are here and are going to work out, and I know everybody is looking at the guy ahead of him to see what he does and that's going to be no different for me. I understand that he's not working out, but that's his choice and I respect that."
"That was probably the first time I've been totally impressed, 100 percent. We wrestled the toughest competition -- top-ranked wrestlers -- and just went after it. They all beat top-ranked wrestlers whether they placed in the tournament or not. And to come out with a third place trophy and missing two of our guns, man, that's unbelievable."
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"Good will is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy."
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"If there is no competition in 2007, there are some short term benefits to that as well,"
"Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition."
"I think I've lost to the winner of the competition. I can't see anyone beating him."
"I couldn't survive. I was doing good until all this competition came in."
"This is a perfect opportunity for people to network with potential employers and generate a competitive edge against their competition."
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"We are very happy with our hardware, such as golf clubs and exercise equipment, but competition in clothing is as savage as ever and footwear is competitive as well."
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"To say our script is any one bit better than the others is nuts. It's not a competition, and we all know it."
"I don't have the exact number, but we didn't lose much in regular competition. The conference, I'm assuming, will be tough as usual. Sandwich, Reed-Custer and Seneca will be very good and tough to beat."
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"I think everybody's just ready for some competition. The bug's here and we're ready to get it going."
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"A decade ago, people would have said this is outrageous consolidation, but today, given competition with cable and other providers, there may be less concern now."
"The fight for larger market share will create a 'bloody' competition. Maintaining current margins has become a thorny issue for the nation's computer makers."
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