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"We see little further upside to the value of Ayala Land's unused land bank going forward with increasing competition from cheaper alternative [offices] for call center and business process outsourcing clients."
"They're the Cinderella team of the whole tournament. They've played some tough competition all year. Their record doesn't indicate the type of team they are ... We certainly have a lot of respect for them. We're hoping the clock will strike 12 for them and put an end to their run."
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"We don't see ourselves in competition with newspapers. We are not going to replace newspapers' professional editors and reporters. We are providing very local news that the community generates -- the Little League games, the traffic light down the street that needs to be replaced."
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"We've faced some good competition. We're a young team, but we've improved later in the season."
"Ricky's a very competitive guy and he's in competition with those guys for time on that team. If I know him, it will bring out the best in him."
"Couldn't have asked for a better meet as far as the competition goes, ... Those are some great fans sitting out there, a lot of kids and that's kind of who we're trying to reach with this."
"We are going to face some tough competition at Western Open. It is a big tournament that has some quality competition and we just need to play our best. We really just want to be playing our best on the court."
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"I don't meet competition. I crush it."
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"Right now, I think we're going to be our own competition if we come out there and start playing the type of ball that we can play. We shouldn't have too many problems, but a lot of times we beat ourselves and we don't play even close to our potential and that's when things really blow up in our face."
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"Seeing as I'm on the competition committee, I support the rule changes,"
"Our competition is so tough at the sectional meet, I felt pressure just to reach state. People were talking about repeating, and I was just worried about getting there."
"When we get some more off-campus competition, that's something students will probably be interested in."
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"For me this competition is not really important. It is just another step in going to Turin."
"They're used to competition, and they love the competition. The pressure doesn't seem to make them want to back off. If anything it might make them step up to that next level, which is where you've got to be able to get, and hopefully these kids will be able to do that in basketball as the next few weeks unwind."
"Losing out in the competition was a big blow; this is just part of the same big blow. I suppose. But we have to wheel and come again and do what we did last year when we won the competition easily."
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"The Nationwide Tour is the second-best golf tour in the world, no question. The competition and the talent level out here is just incredible."
"I just tried to come out and have some fun today. Obviously these guys are pretty good competition at the Triple-A level. My only mind-set out there was to have a good time."
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"Whenever the competition is sleeping is when I shine."
"There's lots of competition, but we know we will do well. We are confident in our show."
"We're coming up against teams that should be better competition for us. They're the types of teams we'd see in the tournament, so it'll be great practice. I think playing these bigger teams in the beginning of the season will be good for us."
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