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"We are delighted with our strong earnings, particularly recognizing both the increased market competition as well as the quarter's volatile markets."
"Bill's competition for this nomination has contributed a great deal to the debate about making the Commonwealth a better place for all Pennsylvanians."
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"We're anxious to face Cuba. We've never played them before in this type of competition."
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"He can run but he can't hide."
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"The questions are whether the market is saturated or just getting started and how competition might affect the industry."
"It was very exciting to finish so high in the competition. I was honored to represent the school so well."
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"From what they told everyone, that's the way it's going to be--open competition."
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"I put too much pressure on them. I kept telling them one more thing, and before the competition started, they were basket cases. The next year we won the national championship. I just told them once what they had to do, and they got it done."
"Competition helps people figure it out."
"It's a great opportunity for our girls to run against a bigger competition to get us ready for the Regional. [The Regional] will have about 16 to 20 teams competing."
"We noticed that there's so much competition now, it's as if TV launches are not unlike movie launches. As with movie premieres, there's a tremendous amount of money and energy being dedicated to TV debuts."
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"They are the form team of the competition and unquestionably New Zealand's number one team,"
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"The intensity of the debate on ULL pricing suggests that after seven years of regulation, competition is finally gaining some traction."
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"Unfortunately, the toughest competition comes the last two weeks of spring, and I'm not sure where we're going to be (with the starters). It would be nice to be able to see them all in the toughest competition of spring. Will we be able to? I'm not sure yet."
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"For the first time in its run, there's competition from a show that's consistently among the top three in ratings. 'Desperate Housewives' is not going to give up audience that easily."
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"[Judge/choreographer Dan Karaty said of Nick's performance in the competition,] I didn't think you could pull off hip hop and the pasa doble like you did ... fantastic."
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"I think the BBC finds it difficult not to compete. Competition in some areas is a good thing, because it provides better consumer choice and keeps everyone on their toes. But it can also destroy the development of the commercial sector, because we can't afford to meet the BBC's position."
"Honda has made it very clear that our preference is to have competition. We welcome competition, but we understand that we may be the only manufacturer involved in the near term. We are OK with that."
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"He's a big-game pitcher and a big competition pitcher. He pitches well against everybody, and not just the smaller lineups. He had some guys at the plate tonight with a lot of RBIs, and he made them look uncomfortable."
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"Tivoli Gardens is a team that tends to peak in the latter rounds of this competition... we intend to go out there and win every match and to try and finish as strongly as possible."
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