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"That's makes it even tougher but that's what it's all about. That's why we're here, for the competition. I love it when it gets tough."
"The merger... would have severely reduced competition in the aerospace industry and resulted ultimately in higher prices for customers, particularly airlines."
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"Like many businessmen of genius he learned that free competition was wasteful, monopoly efficient. And so he simply set about achieving that efficient monopoly."
"This tournament will provide a new level of competition for aspiring elite players in the regions and will expand the depth of the player bases in both unions."
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"Moreover, they face no foreign competition."
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"You will never know what will happen in the competition, but I will try to do it."
"It was a big disappointment. But it's life. It's competition. Things happen. This has happened; there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm happy to have a medal."
"That's competition. It's pressure all the time. You never know what can happen. I'm just happy what I got. There are some girls who came and competed and got 18th and 20th places. I'm happy I have something."
"Like getting into a bleeding competition with a blood bank."
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"It's what you want from a good league and good balanced competition. It should be a whale of a hockey game."
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"I don't think of it as a competition. I just do what I need to do, and improve on it."
"The competition in New Zealand is very, very intense, so we've seen a fair bit of margin compression and also the quality of its book in New Zealand has actually deteriorated as well."
"All I know is our competition is going to get better in a hurry."
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"I don't know of any other band that has two vocalists that can sing together without competition,"
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"It is hardly a process at all. It is more like a lottery. It has become a rather squalid competition with no set procedure, shrouded in Big Power secrecy. They don't even interview the candidates."
"We're in the middle of this intense competition, and these vendors are looking at all options to differentiate themselves to find a unique competitive advantage."
"The competition is pretty stiff the next few weeks. The kids are working hard this week. You want to show well and be heading into league on a positive, no matter what happens on the scoreboard."
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"I don't think we are expecting to face increased competition from Myer. We faced the fiercest competition from Myer when they were part of Coles Myer."
"You practice hard and work on a lot of things, but the actual competition is totally different. I was just trying to get in a groove."
"We will make a detailed assessment of the impact on competition in the various digital and cable sectors, and more particularly the provision of software for set-top boxes in the U.K. and the impact on the choice for British cable subscribers,"
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