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330 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"I have no complaints about the selections, there's nothing surprising."
"I have no complaints about the way we're playing. And I'm extremely pleased with the progress from our bench. I'm not sure I really understand it, but I think the 10 players we've got have really pulled it together. These kids just want to play."
"I have no complaints on any level. I'm pretty happy about the way everything has turned out."
"I have no complaints, our team played hard. We had two hard games. Injuries are no excuse, but I have some guys that were hurting from the two tough teams we played and it showed."
"I haven't heard too many complaints."
"I know when we first got the wells there were some complaints about noise and the looks but it's good for the economy."
"I really didn't have any complaints with the way it was last year."
"I salute the 51 congressmen who voted (for the impeachment complaints.) It's not over yet. There will always be hope."
"I think it was mostly the freshmen students that caused damages to the hotel and there were noise complaints. And alcohol was involved."
"I think there's an increasing intensity of complaints from neighbors and users about safety or perceived safety."
"I was fading so I don't really have any complaints with the way that he raced me. I passed him two or three times earlier in the day and found another line and worked my way around the outside of him. I was a little surprised that he continually drove it in and kept trying to blast me in the center. I think he probably hit me for four or five laps and the time that he got by me, he really had my wheels off the ground and I couldn't get in the gas and he got inside of me and from there drove on and drove away from me. This is short track racing."
"I would like to know how it could take us 10 years, dozens of lives, numerous lawsuits, substantial consumer complaints, tire replacements overseas and repeated expressions of concern by an insurance company before any action was taken to initiate an investigation into the safety of a product being used by millions of American families. Simply put - the American people deserve better."
"I'm always trying something new. If my family ever had any complaints, it would probably be that I never make the same thing twice."
"I'm aware of the complaints, and the district office is dealing with the situation. Warnings were issued."
"I'm feeling really good about my role and really good about my teammates. I have no complaints at all. Actually, the only complaints I have are losing to Houston and losing to Milwaukee."
"I'm happy writing full-time and I've been making a living off it so far. I haven't had any complaints with it at all. I'm happy."
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"If there are multiple complaints, then my suspicion would be somewhere between the refinery and the tank, the blend encountered water."
"If there had been a lot of complaints about things, somebody else among those 81,000 would have stepped forward to run."
"If we get consumer complaints about (gasoline) prices, we'll look at those complaints to find evidence of anticompetitive conduct."
"In general, (the complaints) are people disagreeing with the law and with tactics."

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