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"I'm feeling really good about my role and really good about my teammates. I have no complaints at all. Actually, the only complaints I have are losing to Houston and losing to Milwaukee."
"I'm happy writing full-time and I've been making a living off it so far. I haven't had any complaints with it at all. I'm happy."
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"In general, (the complaints) are people disagreeing with the law and with tactics."
"In the event there are consumer complaints filed against these individuals, we'll know where to find them."
"Initially we got some complaints. After a couple of weeks, they started to taper off. The customers have told us the most important thing to them is low air fares. Part of the way to provide low air fares is to reduce costs."
"It is outrageous that outsiders can't file complaints, since Congress has demonstrated its unwillingness to police its own conduct."
"It worked quite well. We have no complaints."
"It's just part of the life cycle. We typically see a spike in bat complaints around this time of year, when the young are just learning to fly. They don't do it very well and tend to get into odd places."
"It's very difficult obviously, and it's hard for anybody to handle it perfect. But I have no complaints at all with how he's dealt with it."
"Just like with any issue, if we get complaints, we go out there."
"No complaints. We had the first game on our home court. This is probably how it should be."
"Not a whole lot of complaints from me."
"One of the complaints I used to hear is that the players (in recent years) were retreads. They talked about what it was like when Curt Schilling pitched here. Now, you're going to see players on the way up. It will be quality baseball."
"One of the greatest complaints about the cable industry is that they use the fact that they control the pipe to control what gets on. There are a lot of people who feel that's unfair."
"One of the very, very widespread complaints about reconstruction process today is where is the money going. There is a sense out there that resources are not fairly allocated."
"Over the past several months at the board meetings, we're getting an increasing number of citizen complaints. Some were valid, some were not."
"Pettitte was good. No complaints, so that was good. That was very good."
"poorly researched, kitchen sink complaints."
"Race relations can be an appropriate issue . . . but only if you want to craft solutions, and not catalogue complaints. If we use the issue appropriately, we can transform it from the cancer of our society into the cure."
"Recent reports show ID theft topped the FTC list of fraud complaints again in 2005, indicating both heightened incidence and awareness of the crime. While awareness is an important first step for consumers, education is critical to preventing identity theft. This underscores the importance of experts like Lance in raising the visibility of best practices and emerging fraud tactics both on and offline, offering credible resources useful in protecting against the damage identity theft begets."

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