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330 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"Consumers want to know which companies are generating the most complaints about billing, service and coverage before they sign a long-term contract,"
"Defensively, I had no complaints all year. Offensively, our skills were not as good as you would want. We'll work on that this summer. But defensively, the kids played well all year. We do have trouble putting the ball in the basket sometimes."
"During this past year, passenger complaints were up 75 percent. In the first four months (of this year), they are up 115 percent over last year."
"Every subdivision in Lawrenceville has complaints,"
"Every year it happens. And, every year we hear the complaints."
"For know that all the inferior Creatures when hurt do cry and send forth the complaints to their Maker or grand Fountain whence they proceeded."
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"Frankly, Dickinson got what he deserved. We had to listen to his [complaints] for five straight weeks. He only had to suffer a couple of eggs on the head."
"Given recent allegations and complaints regarding possible anti-competitive implications relating to Microsoft's proposed release of its new 'XP' operating system, I believe the antitrust concerns of the department's unusual announcement become all the more pronounced,"
"Having to get more than one market pass hasn't been on the same level of complaints as high hotel rates and other hospitality costs."
"He had no complaints until he came off the field the other day, and the complaints were significant enough. He was telling us he was definitely in pain making some of his throws, and that's when we decided to progress the way we did. I can't answer why it started the other day, and it hadn't prior."
"He had no complaints, didn't have any issues with the trainers, played regularly, functionally improved as Spring Training went on."
"Headaches have been the main thing we've heard about, but we've also heard some complaints about ... problems of dizziness or just not feeling quite the same."
"His office will always be open, ... Whether its with complaints or ideas."
"I believe that there are 44 similar complaints against highly respected people in important positions at the national level."
"I believe we'll now see a reduction in nuisance complaints, a reduction in serious complaints and that we'll get more information about these bears because of this."
"I do have a lot of regulars -- people who regularly call me with ideas and complaints. And my role in government is to try to listen and to be a problem-solver."
"I don't have any complaints with our crew. They are playing hard and we have been in every game we've played this year."
"I don't really have any complaints about the way he raced me."
"I don't think our kids did a single thing to lose the game. I have no complaints."
"I got a call from the [Penn State] president's office one day, he was getting all kinds of complaints because I wasn't answering my e-mail."

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