Complaints And Complaining Quotes

219 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"She was a single mother trying to make a living the best she could, ... We didn't have any complaints about her and there wasn't a lot of traffic in and out of her apartment that we were aware of."
"that in the vast majority of hurricanes, other than those in Florida in 2004, complaints are rife that FEMA has vastly underpaid hurricane victims. The Frances overpayments are questionable given the timing of the election and Florida's importance as a battleground state."
"That's the way it is. We have to accept everything that is done without any complaints. That's the way it is, but it is a disgrace."
"The city has received numerous complaints about them. Our goal is not to issue citations and tie up the courts. Our hope is they'll comply after we give them notice."
"The complaints and questions have persisted, ... Because of these continuing questions, and looking ahead at my final years in the Senate and what might come next, I have for some time wanted to eliminate even the possibility of an appearance of a conflict by totally divesting of any HCA stock in my family's trust."
"The department takes these sorts of complaints very seriously, as can be seen in this case, where the chief initiated this internal investigation. A thorough investigation has been completed, and we are in the process of imposing discipline."
"The FTC is reporting on the complaints that they've received, and it could be that more people know to report to the FTC when something bad happens to them."
"The number of complaints received by the commission has risen year after year. I share the concerns of the public - and of parents, in particular - that are voiced in these complaints."
"The referee was spot on and I've got no complaints. You can't react the way Darren reacted towards the referee. If it's for foul and abusive language, then I support the referee's decision 100 per cent. There's an internal disciplinary situation that will be put in place."
"The water tastes a lot better. We haven't had any complaints at all. But we have found out there is a great demand for bottled water and we are going to go ahead and keep that."
"There have been just a handful of complaints."
"There have been some complaints against some local hotels for price gouging ... those are being referred to the attorney general."
"There is a general concern that any development in proximity to the airport could result in noise complaints and ultimately have a detrimental effect on airport operations."
"These are some pretty nasty cases. It's unusual to see this many complaints against one person."
"These car dealerships promised to take the high road in dealing with customers but the volume of complaints we've received tell another story."
"These changes are a response to hundreds of complaints from the public about glare from these optional devices. Older drivers should be particularly pleased with the proposed change because their eyes tend to be sensitive to glare."
"They had gotten complaints from subcontractors and vendors who were not getting paid in a timely manner. As the complaints became more frequent, it was a sign the contractor was having some serious problems and would be unable to fulfill their obligations. That is when it reached the point to protect the commission's interest and take the steps necessary to get the project finished."
"They're frustrated that it's taken so long to get Java into the standards bodies, but we aren't hearing many complaints about performance."
"They're telling me I'm not going to the Olympics because they did an investigation based on those complaints. We want to know what those complaints are. That's what we're asking for. We're entitled to those before we can proceed."
"This count is then subject to a short complaints period and these complaints must be adjudicated,"

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