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715 Technology quotes:

"And number three, we think that a number of carriers around the world using an alternative technology known as TDMA or GSM, instead of migrating down a path using a technology called Edge -- which does not involve Qualcomm -- will decide to overlay Qualcomm's CDMA 2001X technology,"
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"As a player, I want to know that line calls are as accurate as technology will allow. In that sense, today's announcement is great news for all players."
"Technology is enabling the restaurant industry to use the accountant very similarly to other industries."
"Technology is a tool, but it's only a tool. The personnel has to be adequate and the policy objectives appropriate. I would rather see better policy and less technology."
"Western society has accepted as unquestionable a technological imperative that is quite as arbitrary as the most primitive taboo: not merely the duty to foster invention and constantly to create technological novelties, but equally the duty to surrender to these novelties unconditionally, just because they are offered, without respect to their human consequences."
"Selecting winners for the Cisco Growing with Technology Award was a challenging process for our judging panel since we received so many quality applications from organizations who have dramatically improved their business through the use of technology. The winners have proven that there is a direct correlation between a companys network and its ongoing business success."
"Regarding exports of North Korean missile technology, export of technology is trade and if there are buyers, we'll sell."
Author: Solana Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The yen's pullback against the dollar appeared to prompt some investors to chase bargains in the high-technology sector. This helped lift the tech-heavy Nikkei index."
Author: Fujito Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The problem is the technology picks up some kind of anomaly or variation of soil. We go in with big backhoes and bulldozers, we spend all day doing it, and all we hit is rock or water tables."
Author: Mack Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"They are highly technologically oriented and expect that new technology will be available."
"You have to be willing to attack yourself, making your own technology obsolete with new products. It's hard for some companies to do that, and if you don't, someone will. That's what happened to them."
Author: Trout Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Digital technology has reached warp speed in the last few years."
Author: Barry Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The technology didn't get one wrong."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"It's a bit of a jump into the unknown. We don't really know what these will sell, but digital technology now lets us make more repertoire available."
Author: White Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"It isn't uncommon this time of year for prices of technology stocks to contract when catalysts are insufficient."
Author: Meeker Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented."
"You're not fundamentally limited by the technology itself."
Author: White Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"Once we got down into the technology, ... it was actually kind of scary. They made a lot of correct decisions and still ran into so many problems."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"We simply thought that the technology was not ready and was in need of additional work toward better and more complete integration with the document object model and with HTML."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"We're projecting technology earnings are going to grow almost 40 percent this quarter and that's on top of a very, very strong 1999. Energy company earnings obviously will grow close to 80 percent, but that's on top of a weak '99. So there are companies that should have leadership. After all, if you look at the companies that issue profit warnings last week; Maytag, McDonald's, I mean I don't think the future of growth of American economy is washing machines or cheeseburgers."
Author: Selkin Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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