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Conformity Quotes

29 Conformity quotes:

"A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. It would be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in the garden to be both red and roses."
Author: Wilde Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"As to conforming outwardly, and living your own life inwardly, I have not a very high opinion of that course."
Author: Thoreau Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Singularity in the right hath ruined many; happy those who are convinced of the general opinion."
"We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the drove is going, and then go with the drove."
Author: Twain Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"One lesson we learn early, that in spite of seeming difference, men are all of one pattern. We readily assume this with our mates, and are disappointed and angry if we find that we are premature, and that their watches are slower than ours. In fact, the only sin which we never forgive in each other is difference of opinion."
Author: Emerson Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"The virtue in most request is conformity."
"The Good of man is the active exercise of his soul's faculties in conformity with excellence or virtue, or if there be several human excellences or virtues, in conformity with the best and most perfect among them"
"Our expenses are all for conformity."
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not realities and creators, but names and customs."
"Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road."
"The race of man, while sheep in credulity, are wolves for conformity."
"It is essential that Iraq is brought into conformity with the law."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"The market creates conventionality and conformity, but that's not really what people want to see."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"We are confident that our revised proposal is fully in conformity with the ruling of the WTO arbitrators, ... It was always our intention that the level of protection would not change under our new import regime."
Author: Boel Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Group conformity scares the pants off me because it's so often a prelude to cruelty towards anyone who doesn't want to -- or can't -- join the Big Parade."
Author: Midler Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"For all have not the gift of martyrdom."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Conformity, humility, acceptance... with these coins we are to pay our fares to paradise."
Author: Lindner Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Success, recognition, and conformity are the bywords of the modern world where everyone seems to crave the anesthetizing security of being identified with the majority."
Author: King Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes

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