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"I'm here tonight because I want to be your next Congressman. My last 10 years in the Iowa Legislature has prepared me for the changes facing the world today."
Author: Dix Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Congressman. I had no role in this issue."
Author: Bolton Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If the congressman had been here, he'd see a very smooth, unified operation. When you can have this response to this type of incident, it certainly shows the state is ready for any large-scale incident. The planning has been extensive. We're ready, and we learn from incidents like this to be even better."
Author: Hopkins Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If the other senator from your state is in your party, you don't have to feel great pressure to speak out on every issue. They need to get their message out so that the other congressman from the other party doesn't establish his point of view."
Author: Loevy Quotes Category: Congress Quotes Point Of View Quotes
"It's more important for (Congressman) Jim Gibbons not to be governor than for Richard Perkins to be governor,"
Author: Perkins Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"It's not enough to say that Congressman X got this contribution and then voted this way. You need to show a specific link or agreement."
Author: Eliason Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Our rule of thumb is we want to sit down and exchange information and ideas with our constituents. When the intent is simply to embarrass the congressman or get publicity for a group or a cause, we will not participate in that."
Author: Hahn Quotes Category: Congress Quotes Constituents Quotes
"Please tell Congressman Weldon I've done nothing wrong."
Author: Weldon Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"That is something the Congressman has been working on behind the scenes for some time now. What that means is that we can expand our army of talent reviewing this material, with the hope that some of this stuff will eventually be declassified."
"That quote comes from introductory remarks. It was just an introduction but what the congressman expressed in his letter is clearly the more accurate way of characterizing their relationship."
Author: Flaherty Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"This will be the defining race for the future of our state, ... We will elect a new senator and a new congressman. There are 20 seats open in the state legislature. This is serious business."
Author: Hagel Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Because the congressman is a man of deep and committed faith, he wanted to let people know personally that he has done absolutely nothing to dishonor them or his church."
"No one is talking about filibuster at this point. It's much too early."
Author: Aron Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"That's what I like about you, senator. You're kicking it old-school."
"OK, we'll take the first step. This is as crucial as it gets."
Author: Daschle Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"very discouraged."
Author: Domenici Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"With all due respect, you've told me nothing, ... It's kind of interesting, this kabuki dance we have in these hearings here, as if the public doesn't have a right to know what you think about fundamental issues facing them."
Author: Biden Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Congress will pass a law restricting public comment on the Internet to individuals who have spent a minimum of one hour actually accomplishing a specific task while on line."

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