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"When people get mad, they're more likely to do something. When I go back to Congress ... what's happened at Sago and what's happened here, there's got to be a lot of mad people."
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"We believe the Congress needs to hear that industry is interested in this (nuclear) initiative ... We have been waiting for the administration to provide the signal that the separation agreement is going on well and that it would be (put) behind us."
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"This proposal will have little impact on the deficit, ... If Congress is serious, we should put together a deficit reduction package that freezes COLAs government-wide, including Congress."
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"It's a big deal that Congress is voting to approve increasing the national debt. They say 'We're going to control spending' and then they turn around and make huge budget amendments, sending us further into debt."
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"We've told Congress and everyone else who will listen that we don't intend to branch."
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"Subsidies were instituted that are now being used to pay telephone bills. That strikes me as something that Congress certainly did not have in mind when it passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996."
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"If the president signs it and Congress approves, we could get as many as 150 families."
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"The Congress tends to guard its powers very jealously, now more so than ever. There's nothing wrong with the president educating the public about the line-item veto. But any president has really got to be prepared to use the veto power he already has."
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"It's the most expansive vision of the executive power of a president in our lifetime. To suggest that (Congress has) given him a blanket authority to do what he has done is a vast stretch."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If the government does not have a majority (in Congress), getting its tax objectives and other measures approved would not be so easy."
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"Why has Congress not once lived up to its statutory obligation to review the emergency status? It's been almost four years. ... And why is Cynthia McKinney the only member of congress in this room?"
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"Unfortunately, the (budget) does not . . . help Congress reform such programs as Medicaid and Medicare, which both grow at average rate of around 8 percent each year through 2015 and will continue to eat up more of the total federal budget."
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"We have some Jewish members of Congress, not a lot but there's a bunch of us."
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"When the islands became a state in 1959, ... there was a broad consensus in Congress that Native Hawaiians would not be treated as a separate racial group, and that they would not be transformed into an 'Indian tribe.'"
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"This is a pretty strong message to Congress and the Senate before they vote on a marriage protection amendment. Most politicians are not going to want to stand up for the duty of standing in front of a steamroller."
"That's where American jobs are on the line. If the desire of this Congress continues to be one of providing help to the job-producing portion of the American economy and to keep jobs here in the U.S., it is critical that you protect the funding for those sectors where it can do the most good - commercial, industrial projects."
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"Congress has taken her opinion -- and they know it's simply opinion -- and dressed it up as fact, and presented it to the American people as fact. And that, in our view, is really irresponsible, because the American people begin believing that someone's unfounded view or opinion is factual, and it causes a lot of confusion."
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"Just last week I traveled with both of them to Washington to meet with the leaders in Congress, and we reminded them that California is at the tip of the spear of our nation's military capability, that we do it all."
"It's a self-perpetuating system involving interests, members of Congress, people in the executive branch and patronage positions and so on."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We have stated over and over ... that Congress needs to fix this asbestos problem, and we agree with that and have supported that for a long time. If the FAIR Act is passed into law, our agreement preserves the public policy benefits that are envisioned under the FAIR Act. But if it's not enacted, we have an alternative solution."
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