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"We have stated over and over ... that Congress needs to fix this asbestos problem, and we agree with that and have supported that for a long time. If the FAIR Act is passed into law, our agreement preserves the public policy benefits that are envisioned under the FAIR Act. But if it's not enacted, we have an alternative solution."
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"We are going to vigorously attack the law in courts, ... Congress has no power to retroactively deprive people of their rights."
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"I can only assume that, when the vice president of the United States lobbies the Congress on behalf of cruel and unusual punishment and the need to be able to do that in order to get information out of potential terrorists... that it's still going on."
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"Long-term bond yields dropped leading up to Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan's testimony to Congress over speculation of what he may say about deflation and over the possibility of the Federal Reserve buying long-term Treasury bonds to fight it,"
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"I have been up to see the Congress and they do not seem to be able to do anything except to eat peanuts and chew tobacco, while my army is starving."
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"ESA-related costs are paid in an inequitable way. Although Congress determined in 1973 that the preservation of endangered species was in the interest of the U.S. as a whole, Congress did not arrange for the nation as a whole to bear the costs of recovery. Instead, these costs are largely borne by the private landowners on whose property rare species are found, regardless of the ability of any particular landowner to bear these costs."
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"Members of Congress should not be receiving pay raises that are higher than Social Security and other COLAS (cost of living adjustments) during tough economic times, when many families are hurting financially."
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"It's basic economics, and the lack of understanding of basic economics in this Congress is why this country is in trouble,"
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"We are not privy to this. The Congress has played no role in this. The law will take its own course and the guilty should be punished."
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"The board is insulated in a wide range from any control from presidential oversight, from Congress."
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"Congress has kind of proven it's not capable of policing itself."
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"Congress fails in the effort to get a simple, understandable tax code."
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"It is a glaring error four years after 9/11. Still exists. Not resolved. There are bills pending in Congress but they're far from enactment,"
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"What we are trying to do is demonstrate to the Fed that there is a strong interest in Congress to keep interest rates the way they are, ... There is no sign of inflation, no reason to raise rates."
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"The proposal as outlined to the White House and the members of Congress represents a carefully developed consensus on how best to resolve public health concerns immediately,"
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"Basically, he says, 'In your face. Twenty games, take it or leave it.' That's completely unacceptable to the Congress,"
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"Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will now realize that Billy's decision to retire from Congress had more to do with getting well physically than getting well financially."
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"Sen. Specter's position is that Congress is creating the interest in ensuring that its powers are respected, which is injured when the court's rule against them, ... And so given that interest and injury, his argument is they have standing to intervene."
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"There is more selfishness and less principle among members of Congress than I had any conception of, before I became President of the U.S."
"I think it was a consensus among members of Congress, and I think the president is receptive to the idea."
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