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Conscience Quotes

225 Conscience quotes:

"That man has no soul, no conscience."
Author: Dillard Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void to offence toward God, and toward men."
Author: Bible Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"And Paul, earnestly beholding the council, said, Men and brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day."
Author: Bible Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"At this point, we don't feel that we could, in good conscience, charge them for data that might not be complete. But at least we are giving them the data that at this point, is the best we have."
Author: Feaser Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Nothing short of a revolution will stop what has become a crisis of conscience and integrity for colleges and universities in this country,"
Author: Gee Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"The softest pillow is a clean conscience."
"The only thing worse than an active conscience is one that's retroactive."
"He voted his conscience, even when people made fun of him,"
Author: Pachon Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Fidelity to conscience is inconsistent with retiring modesty. If it be so, let the modesty succumb. It can be only a false modesty which can be thus endangered."
"My conscience is clear,"
Author: Nagin Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Everybody needs to decide this on their own, what their conscience dictates, what their hearts and minds tell them to do,"
"The New England conscience doesn't keep you from doing what you shouldn't - it just keeps you from enjoying it."
Author: Singer Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Conscience is the dog that can't bite, but never stops barking."
"In the depths of every heart, there is a tomb and a dungeon, though the lights, the music, and revelry above may cause us to forget their existence, and the buried ones, or prisoners whom they hide. But sometimes, and oftenest at midnight, those dark receptacles are flung wide open. In an hour like this, when the mind has a passive sensibility, but no active strength; when the imagination is a mirror, imparting vividness to all ideas, without the power of selecting or controlling them; then pray that your grieves may slumber, and the brotherhood of remorse not break their chain."
"The conscience of our nation is up for grabs."
Author: Ratner Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"SYMBOLIC, adj. Pertaining to symbols and the use and interpretation of symbols.They say 'tis conscience feels compunction; I hold that that's the stomach's function, For of the sinner I have noted That when he's sinned he's somewhat bloated, Or ill some other ghastly fashion Within that bowel of compassion. True, I believe the only sinner Is he that eats a shabby dinner. You know how Adam with good reason, For eating apples out of season, Was ""cursed."" But that is all symbolic: The truth is, Adam had the colic."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"I just didn't feel like I was ready yet. I didn't feel like I could, in good conscience, go out and try to push myself to that next level in early March. It's something that could turn out and I could hurt myself, and that's something I want to stay away from, because I want to go out there and do what's right for me and my future."
Author: Wagner Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"Rosa Parks is not just a national hero, she is the embodiment of our social and human conscience and the spark that lit the flame of liberty and equality for African Americans and minority groups in this country and around the globe."
Author: Dodd Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"A good conscience is like a soft pillow"
Author: Proverb Quotes Category: Conscience Quotes
"The conscience is the most flexible material in the world. Today you cannot stretch it over a mole hill; while tomorrow it can hide a mountain."

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