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Consciousness Quotes

136 Consciousness quotes:

"My unconscious knows more about the consciousness of the psychologist than his consciousness knows about my unconscious"
"The only way to give finality to the world is to give it consciousness."
"But I think that it is important to elevate the public consciousness as to what is going on. The four hearings we have had and the way the matter is drifting, in my view, is insufficient to safeguard civil liberties."
"The images of the unconscious place a great responsibility upon a man. Failure to understand them, or a shirking of ethical responsibility, deprives him of his wholeness and imposes a painful fragmentariness on his life."
Author: Jung Quotes Category: Consciousness Quotes
"What he gave me was a consciousness on how to do it,"
"Consciousness is nature's nightmare."
"But we do want to raise consciousness ... that such attacks are growing increasingly likely,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Consciousness Quotes
"Was he a great genius? Was he an eccentric? Was he someone who was trying to raise his consciousness in a way people can't even imagine? He was on his own path and everybody gets to be their own judge listening to the stories people tell in the film."
"It is the State which educates its citizens in civic virtue, gives them a consciousness of their mission and welds them into unity"
Author: Mussolini Quotes Category: Consciousness Quotes Citizens Quotes
"Consciousness is much more than the thorn, it is the dagger in the flesh."
"It is the prayer of my innermost being to realize my supreme identity in the liberated play of consciousness, the Vast Expanse. Now is the moment, Here is the place of Liberation."
"There is nothing holier in this life of ours than the first consciousness of love, the first fluttering of its silken wings."
"It's a matter of reawakening the consciousness."
"Life is a creative endeavor. It is active, not passive. We are the yeast that leavens our lives into rich, fully baked loaves. When we experience our lives as flat and lackluster, it is our consciousness that is at fault. We hold the inner key that turns our lives from thankless to fruitful. That key is "Blessing."
"The world is real. Consciousness is the illusion."
"The Art of Living Consciously."

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