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"The concepts of our shows that we've created here (in the U.S.) travel in China and around the world, even though the language is different,"
Author: Redstone Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"[Air travel has opened the world to the masses in a way hardly imagined only decades ago.] In addition to Americans traveling a lot more, we also see the world getting a lot smaller, ... International tourism is growing at an even faster rate than domestic travel."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"It did happen before. Some travel agencies exploited the section and even used our picture as a selling point."
Author: Feng Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"A message wouldn't be routed direct from A to B but could travel indirectly, bypass a damaged part of the network, and then be reassembled and read."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"It doesn't matter how long pollutants flow. If they travel 10 feet or 100 miles they are still going to cause problems downstream."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"There are a lot of factors we didn't deal with before. You can travel halfway around the world and come back in a week. Illnesses that may have taken months to work their way around the globe can now happen in weeks."
Author: Cuff Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own, and he has to wonder through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end."
Author: Tagore Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"I had to travel back to the U.S. and I wasn't in a comfortable, happy place and I didn't really get to train; I had to prepare for racing. And then I had to come back over to Europe and I was tired from this incredibly stressful race experience."
Author: Steer Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We're doing something other than going out on the ice. We just felt that with our travel schedule and the games that it was getting monotonous, redundant. What we're trying to do is just bring everybody down, regroup and focus. The mental preparation is as big as the physical preparation when you're stepping into this Game 7 scenario."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"I think that if I stay with the team and travel with the team, it's always going to be a distraction … going back to Seattle and going back to Texas where I haven't been. I think being in Toronto was a big distraction to our team. We need to try to avoid that as much as we can."
Author: Palmeiro Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Once pandemic strains are widespread, it doesn't make any sense to impose travel restrictions. You simply can't contain the flu with travel restrictions."
Author: Longini Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"In the old days, travel writers were given freebies and then supposed to write something nice."
Author: Clurman Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Don't assume that all travel policies are the same, or that they will cover you for everything that might go wrong. Many policies, particularly the no-frills cover, can be very limited."
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"As both carriers are principally point-to-point travel at this point, it seems not overly likely that the two low-cost terminals will be in competition with one another for passengers, especially with a five-six hour drive separating them."
Author: Pinkham Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"First of all, I think that stinks, the schedule. That they (Nevada and Utah State) are travel partners stinks. They (the WAC) knew they were two of the best teams in the league."
Author: Theus Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"If we get 50 percent (of cars) off, travel times would be relatively the same. If we get 30 percent off, which is more realistic ... travel times might increase by a third or double."
Author: Tyszkiewicz Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"That's how fast things travel on this island."
Author: Brittain Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We knew about that. We want to get him over to join up with the squad and he can travel back for the court case."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"They came in very strong and a lot of them went to tournaments last year, so they experienced the travel. That experience is invaluable. They've matured quite a bit and they know what it takes. They're pretty determined to make a statement."
Author: Dais Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"That second report is accurate and correct, and the first one had (some out of state travel expenses) labeled that should not have been labeled as council expenses."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Travel Quotes

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