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262 Travel quotes:

"Many times, certain deductible expenses are overlooked. Be sure to keep track of all of your travel expenses, including transportation, parking fees, ferry fees, tolls, lodging, meals and other incidental expenses. An important point to remember about military differential pay is that while the income is taxable, this pay is not considered wages and is not subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. So it's important that military taxpayers ensure that their employers treat these earnings correctly."
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"Even though we had to get up at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday to travel to St. Norbert, it really didn't affect our game negatively at all. I just told the team to bring their best and have fun, and they put out a combination of both."
Author: Huntington Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We don't advise travel at all ... especially with the strong winds. In relative terms, it's going to be a fairly powdery snow, so the strong winds are going to complicate the drifting."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Between e-mails and jet travel, the world is getting real small."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, we're always in other places, lost, like sheep."
"Our input regarding fees within the Corporate Travel market helped steer the Evolvi development. Because of our strong relationship, we think the TravelPower Interface increases the value Evolvi brings to the travel industry. The new Evolvi Interface is already generating a lot of interest and will soon be developing a new automated reconciliation feature based on the Rail Settlement Plan (RSP),"
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"If we have congestion, it increases travel times and costs more to deliver goods and services. According to the state's own numbers, we already have the roadways with the highest fatality rates."
Author: Duffy Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"You know that it never has been easy/ Whether you do or do not resign/ Whether you travel the breadth of the extremities/ Or stick to some straighter line."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"To bring up a child in the way he should go - travel that way yourself."
"(Robert Morris) and St. Francis have the toughest travel. There are times we are gone for five days at a time. We just got back from a two-game trip and were home for 24 hours and had to leave again. That gets tiring. But we have to learn to deal with that because that is the situation we are in being in the Northeast Conference."
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"We like to go to areas that are not typical of American travel, but we do like to find other choirs and have international exchanges with them."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"It's a clear signs of the weakness of the regime ... that it's afraid to let her travel,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"We don't advise travel at all ... especially with the strong winds, ... In relative terms, it's going to be a fairly powdery snow, so the strong winds are going to complicate the drifting."
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"It's becoming more popular to use your miles for non-travel types of experiences."
Author: Urbanski Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"(Starting a week early) has been nothing but negative to me. Quite honestly, I'd rather travel to California than do it again. We went eight straight days before getting a break in preseason practice - that adds to injury problems."
Author: Sandy Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Every player who is fit and well is playing particularly when we don't have to travel for the first week."
Author: Matthews Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"There are many, many ways customers can use their miles beyond air travel."
Author: Urbanski Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"[After the game, most of the Trojans, decked out in their all black travel warm-ups, carried pizzas onto the bus for the short flight back to Los Angeles. One of the last players out of the locker room was White, who had gotten his hands on an Arizona State towel with the team's mascot Sparky on it. Right above the devil White had scrawled the word, 'KILLA!' and hung it from his waistline for all to see. Two years ago in the same building, with USC down in the second half, White ran for 140 yards and two touchdowns to lead USC to their first of now 26 consecutive wins.] I love playing here, ... I don't know if it's the heat or what, but I love this place."
Author: White Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"Passengers are the foundation of air travel and, in a competitive market, the airlines will continue meeting passengers' demands for more direct nonstop flights to destinations around the world with longer-range, efficient and comfortable airplanes. This requirement will be met by airplanes in the 200-to-400-seat capacity category, with relatively few very-large aircraft being needed."
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"With the addition of the Global Express, we continue to dominate the heavy jet private travel charter arena in the Northeast, offering worldwide service on the largest fleet of heavy jets in the region. The Global Express' superior range and comfort are key to meet the needs of our customers for regional and global travel."
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