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"(Starting a week early) has been nothing but negative to me. Quite honestly, I'd rather travel to California than do it again. We went eight straight days before getting a break in preseason practice - that adds to injury problems."
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"Every player who is fit and well is playing particularly when we don't have to travel for the first week."
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"There are many, many ways customers can use their miles beyond air travel."
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"[After the game, most of the Trojans, decked out in their all black travel warm-ups, carried pizzas onto the bus for the short flight back to Los Angeles. One of the last players out of the locker room was White, who had gotten his hands on an Arizona State towel with the team's mascot Sparky on it. Right above the devil White had scrawled the word, 'KILLA!' and hung it from his waistline for all to see. Two years ago in the same building, with USC down in the second half, White ran for 140 yards and two touchdowns to lead USC to their first of now 26 consecutive wins.] I love playing here, ... I don't know if it's the heat or what, but I love this place."
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"Passengers are the foundation of air travel and, in a competitive market, the airlines will continue meeting passengers' demands for more direct nonstop flights to destinations around the world with longer-range, efficient and comfortable airplanes. This requirement will be met by airplanes in the 200-to-400-seat capacity category, with relatively few very-large aircraft being needed."
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"With the addition of the Global Express, we continue to dominate the heavy jet private travel charter arena in the Northeast, offering worldwide service on the largest fleet of heavy jets in the region. The Global Express' superior range and comfort are key to meet the needs of our customers for regional and global travel."
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"If you look at trends through 2005, we had record (fuel) prices, but numbers were also up for travel. We expect this trend to continue. Fuel frequently is a small part of a family's budget."
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"Dr. Perry will travel to Pyongyang along with ambassador Wendy Sherman and a small delegation during the period from May 25 to May 28, ... While there, he will explore and assess in person the views of the senior North Korean officials. He will also consult with South Korean and Japanese leaders, both en route to and returning from the North Korean capital."
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"She loved to travel with me and my sister. If we called and said we were going anywhere, we had to take her along."
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"He criticized baseball's racial policies after he stopped playing, especially how blacks were forced to travel. He even criticized some black players for not standing up for their rights."
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"He was too nervous to travel, by and large."
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".travel is now a permanent part of the foundation of the World Wide Web. As travel and tourism businesses register their .travel domains they are not only reshaping the next generation Internet but making history by playing their role in this defining moment in the evolution of travel industry."
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"The demonstrations were peaceful, so the impact was only on incentive travel from Singapore and China. From Singapore we lost 5 000, and China 10 000, but now it's come back."
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"It is a long distance that the seismic waves have to travel before they reach Mexico City, ... and that reduces the amplitude of the waves. It is very much reduced at this distance."
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"We have to take it easy while we can. We want to travel a little, but we're not moving to Florida."
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"Web travel agencies are viewed as the most comprehensive way to plan a vacation. They?re evolving from spitting out tickets to helping you plan your journey [and] get trip insurance and tickets for attractions on the ground."
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"We continue to face logistical issues in getting fuel to Pilot Travel Centers and some short-term interruptions and intermittent outages,"
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"If you travel to the States... they have a lot of different words than like what we use. For instance: they say 'elevator', we say 'lift'; they say 'drapes', we say 'curtains'; they say 'president', we say 'seriously deranged git.'"
"We're accustomed to this. I'm just glad we don't have to travel."
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"We've got fuel prices coming down and good travel numbers coming out, so it's not surprising airline stocks are going up."

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