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"Consistency on their protection and pass set -- the best linemen don't waver from it, regardless of what I do."
"This was a good one for me as far as my consistency goes because that's a good team that doesn't beat itself. It was just a matter of pulling the trigger and making my shots."
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"We are looking for consistency and effort from our offense to get where we think we should be. Oakdale had some bad luck versus Central and they will be well prepared (tonight)."
"We felt it was important to maintain consistency across this district."
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"Actually, our season has gone a little better than expected, ... We've had good consistency at the top of the lineup and we've done a little better this year in the matches that were decided 3-2."
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"These results reflect an excellent fourth quarter and outstanding year for Compaq . We're very pleased with the consistency of our financial progress, especially with the improvements in earnings and the growth of gross margins to 24.4 percent in the fourth quarter."
"From what I've seen all year, that hasn't been called. It's a two-minute at best. That's the consistency factor. It's a two-minute call in every other game. Then Shawn Williams gets a two and a 10 for arguing and that hasn't been called all year."
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"If we can do some of the things we've done the last few games, but maybe with more consistency, we can win some games up there. Maybe this is just the start of something bigger."
"Diving rewards consistency. In the finals, he did the same dives, he just did them better."
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"I've just been so impressed with his consistency in improving each year. He's just improved tremendously every single year. And he came in as a true freshman, so his development has been fast-tracked."
"It used to be you see a handful of staffs out there recruiting consistency. And now you see just about everybody."
"When we have to play well we do. When we play against someone lesser, we're still looking for that consistency. We struggle with that a little bit."
"We've had more peaks and valleys in the consistency of our play this year than, I think, any other. If we can have a stretch where we put another six, seven games in a row together here, where we've played like we have over the last 10 days or so, we could be there."
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"Consistency is everything for them. It's the same for us. Some matches we've come out poor the first game and then turned it on, and some matches it's been the other way around."
"Consistency has been a problem for us, especially on the road. But we played 50 minutes of good hockey tonight and that's not always enough, but it was tonight."
"This is really what we needed. I'm praying we can get a little more consistency for the last part of the year, get a winning streak going and see what happens."
"We've had trouble giving up the big inning. It's been our undoing all year. We've struggled with consistency, and we've got to learn how to finish. But our kids don't quit. I think that's going to pay dividends by the end of the year."
"The flat fee will allow consistency for the marketplace."
"If I am confirmed to this position, my first priority will be to maintain consistency and continuity with the policies established during the Greenspan years."
"All the seniors will be competing and they are great leaders. We will miss their riding and their consistency."

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