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"I trust David, he's obviously an excellent hitter, but consistency is what I'm looking for. He needs to show me he can keep making the adjustments."
"There needs to be consistency not only in the definition of 'shoreline,' but also in the on-site practice of evaluating all evidence in determining the certified shore."
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"He seems to be doing OK. He needs to work on things and develop more consistency. We want him to throw a two-seam fastball more."
"He threw the ball with a lot more consistency."
"The consistency I've had, I think, is the most important thing. When I'm pitching, I feel our team is going to have an opportunity to win the game. I like that the best of everything I've accomplished this year."
"Based on this program and our consistency, our referrals are decreasing considerably. At this point last year, Valor processed 400 referrals and right now we have processed 100."
"I improve and that is the key to my golf swing, ... I think consistency is the key. That comes from the golf swing. I can hit the ball longer and straighter than I've ever done before, so that's a key factor."
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"Most of the golf instruction out there does everything but establish consistency on the course. It would be as if I continued practicing my typing once a week, but each time I tried a new style. One week I would hold my fingers over the middle row of keys and bend my fingers at a 90 degree angle, then the next week move to the top row and only bend them 75 degrees, and the next week over the bottom row, etc. At that rate I'd get worse and never finish a Golf Improvement Weekly."
"He's put together a pretty good little stretch here. The thing we've talked about the whole way is consistency through the whole year, understanding you are going to go through some struggles. How are you able to get out of them? Are you able to get out of them quicker than other players? Those are the great players."
"J.D., we're looking for a little more consistency from him. People talk about him being passed by, but he has the chance to be a good pitcher in this organization. He can't wait to get the ball. We like guys like that. He doesn't come in with a chip on his shoulder."
"Those arrears have been cleared but also there are issues right now regarding the consistency of data and we are working on that."
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"I really think what we're looking for right now is consistency on both sides of the ball, ... We have done some good things and we have played pretty well, but we've got nine games left here and we want to be better."
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"That consistency now is allowing him to really flourish and do his thing. He looks a fantastic player right now."
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"Consistency is what's missing in his game, and he's not 100 per cent sure of his game."
"He developed some of that consistency that I was looking for."
"I look forward to improvement in our consistency for all four quarters of the game and in our fundamentals. When we put all the pieces together, it should be a lot of fun to watch."
"What we have to do is keep that top level of consistency going. We have to be there at the end of all 10 races and get everything we can out of each and every one of them."
"Kurt proved last year that winning the championship is all about consistency, so that's what we're aiming for in the next 10 weeks, ... A few wins can't hurt, though, and that's what we'll be aiming for this weekend."
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"Winning streaks are impressive because it's a model of consistency. Streaks mean you haven't let your guard down and you've taken care of business when everyone knows what a difficult task that is."
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"We are still looking for consistency day in and day out, ... When we play well - we play very well - but when we are down it seems we really get down."
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