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365 Conversation quotes:

"I know the IGDA describes itself as 'union neutral,' ... but I don't think enabling conversation is necessarily a stand in favor of unions, is it? I mean, the employees still have to make a choice as to whether they want to organize or not. We're not asking for an endorsement. There's just so much we can do without partners to help facilitate the conversation."
"You can't have a conversation if you don't listen. It wasn't a monologue."
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"That type of conversation is so premature. If we ever get to that bridge, we'll cross it went we get there. Really, at this point, our interest is not really in settling out Mike's contract. Our interest is that he gets well and at some point we discuss his status for next year."
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"I had a very uncomfortable conversation with Turner. When I pointed out we were his constituents, he claimed we did not represent the general constituent support for this."
"We want to foster that conversation between the parent and the teacher. They're the two experts. This would provide specifics for the conversation."
"All of the conversation is how he's going to write it."
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"I think the president came to a clear understanding that he wasn't having a conversation with the American public, that he wasn't doing a good job of communicating with the public."
"FDA's recommendation to adopt RFID technology by 2007 has been an everyday conversation with brand owners. In some cases, the term RFID has become the umbrella name to loosely describe initiatives to meet local government requirements in electronic pedigree, track and trace, and brand authentication, all of which may work in tandem with RFID, but equally can be implemented and referred to as a stand-alone application or solution."
"There is no such thing as a worthless conversation, provided you know what to listen for. And questions are the breath of life for a conversation."
"It is not what we learn in conversation that enriches us. It is the elation that comes of swift contact with tingling currents of thought."
"I had a conversation with [city councilman] Jack Evans the other day. There is no reason why we can't get it done. There is an issue of timing and whether it has to be approved by the council or signed off by the sports commission, but in terms of the substantive issues, we are getting close."
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"[? In their summary of the conversation, police said Bryant told them that he should have paid the woman to keep quiet -- and mentioned another NBA player who he said had done that. Bryant said the player would pay women] not to say anything, ... treats a woman with respect, therefore, they shouldn't say anything."
"There came a moment after literally weeks of conversation, ... that both Myles and I began to see a framework... It brought us to a point where there was really a victory without defeat."
"Oh, I could spend my life having this conversation - look - please try to understand before one of us dies"
"He's called us. It was a short conversation. It was like, 'When you get back to reality, give us a call.' ... I mean, if his agent can get a contract for half of what he's making right now, then that's terrific. I don't know that he can."
"He'd tried to strike up a conversation with her,"
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"I could see that this conversation wasn't about money, it was about him coming back and trying to play and trying to win another Stanley Cup. He wasn't happy about the way his career had ended in Detroit and he wanted to show that he could become an elite player again."
"He just ran out in the middle of the conversation. I thought it was a fight,"
"It was a fantastic conversation, obviously. We're feeling ecstatic. It?s been a long haul and we're done with that now."
"Having a corporate sponsor for their New Year's Eve party is a preliminary conversation. This is a very premature E-mail that went out. Will and Jada were just looking for some way to have an over-the-top party that benefited their charity . This is how parties get thrown every single day."
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