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"[Philippine President Joseph Estrada said he was saddened by the conviction.] It's very unfortunate and what happened is saddening, ... If he really is innocent, then the day will come that his name will be cleared."
Author: Estrada Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"There's a total lack of conviction. There's no news coming out, earnings are done and most of the players are in a wait-and-see mode."
"I have a deep conviction that our lives are eternal, that it is waking and sleeping, that we are born together with the people we love lifetime after lifetime."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"We are all wrong so often that it amazes me that we can have any conviction at all over the direction of things to come.But we must."
Author: Cramer Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"The result of the Ray Lewis case is that the only person to leave this courtroom with a conviction is Ray Lewis."
Author: Harvey Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"They are moving to a speedy conviction ... they have already passed a sentence even before the trial has ended."
Author: Dulaimi Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"Too much traffic with a quotation book begets a conviction of ignorance in a sensitive reader. Not only is there a mass of quotable stuff he never quotes, but an even vaster realm of which he has never heard."
"These figures suggest that growth is stable but not extremely strong. These figures should add to the conviction in financial markets that the Fed will soon be able to stop raising rates."
Author: Gault Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"There is no conviction. Is the economy slowing down or is the red-hot momentum continuing? I think people are really shell shocked by the crazy volatility."
Author: Rice Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"Wellington Mara represented the heart and soul of the National Football League. He was a man of deep conviction who stood as a beacon of integrity."
"The pressures and intimidation is now greater than ever... the new judge is preparing for a quick conviction under orders from those who run the U.S.-created court from behind the scenes."
Author: Dulaimi Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"I believe, with abiding conviction, that this people-nurtured by their deep faith, tutored by their hard lessons, moved by their high aspirations-have the will to meet the trials that these times impose."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"In view of the biased policies adopted by the court's chief judge to push for a quick conviction, we are demanding that the trial be moved outside Iraq to put an end to this farce."
Author: Dulaimi Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"Kerry had an opportunity in the debates to show the American people his strength and conviction and to lay out his plans, and people have responded very positively to that. So we see trends nationally moving in our direction and trends in battleground states moving towards us as well."
Author: Mellman Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"I just see a lot of listless trading into the end of the summer -- there isn't much conviction,"
Author: Park Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"This is a good text. It is a balanced text. It is my conviction that it is possible to reach a full agreement."
Author: Pronk Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"It's a situation where it's late in the summer and it's hard to get any conviction, ... Barring any unforeseen catalysts, we're likely to stay volatile until at least after Labor Day."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"The soundest argument will produce no more conviction in an empty head than the most superficial declamation; a feather and a guinea fall with equal velocity in a vacuum"
Author: Colton Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ''clicks.''"
Author: Shinn Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes
"This is a market with no clear conviction, ... You could blow on this market and move it either way."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes

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