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"This was long overdue. The public has been demanding that all those involved in corruption must resign and face the law, but it has taken the individuals involved and the government a lot of time to come to terms to the demands."
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"The lottery is what started it all. It left an ugly taste in people's mouth. Then the thing everybody talked about for 10 years how a lottery would introduce corruption to the state was happening."
Author: Sinsheimer Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes Lottery Quotes
"This bill is nothing to write home about. Certainly it is not an appropriate response to the concerns of the American people about the corruption and lobbying scandals in Washington."
"We've got some corruption. There is something inside the directory that is not correct. We just have to identify it and correct it."
"I think these efforts really have been totally overwhelmed by the pervasive endemic corruption throughout the Mexican government, the Mexican police and now the Mexican military,"
"I've been in business 19 years here and been exposed to a lot of things. I've never seen any of that. In any business -- banking, anything -- there's always going to be some corruption, and it's the one bad apple."
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"We need to shine more sunlight on the corruption in how radio stations choose songs. An agreement behind closed doors between the FCC and the big radio companies is exactly the opposite of that."
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"That's the question. Is there corruption involved? Some improper exchange of favors or anything like that? We don't know that yet. Or is it at best evidence of incompetence -- somebody was simply asleep at the switch?"
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"This is interesting. Usually corruption doesn't even come up in polls."
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"Corruption is in the air. This is the air we had to breathe."
"If we clear this up cleanly, then preparations for the World Cup won't be damaged. Every place where there are people and money is involved, there can be corruption."
Author: Zwanziger Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes World Cup Quotes
"Corruption's not for modern date; It hath been tried in ev'ry state"
Author: Gay Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"You don't need to investigate too far to find corruption. After only two or three months in power, officials have already begun their lives of luxury."
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"I can either side with what I think is right as far as corruption is concerned, or I can wipe it under the rug. The nature of this job is you either make people mad as a result of events and investigations, or you make them happy by sugar-coating it and sweeping it under the rug. And I chose not to go that route."
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"What we're trying to root out here is any tendency or any evidence where that type of corruption has seeped into the lower levels. Now we're getting down to the nooks and crannies."
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"Before me, there was another prime minister. His name was Bremer. He ran this country, he had this ministry and a lot of the corruption started then. ... There was no auditing. Airplanes were flying in and the money was handed out in suitcases."
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"I want either less corruption, or more chance to participate in it."
"The jingling of the guinea helps the hurt that Honor feels."
"It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power."
"There is a real sense of cynicism about the level of corruption in Washington. The feeling among public is it is endemic."
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