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"[Imagine you're negotiating on someone else's behalf: It's hard for everyone to negotiate for themselves, but women especially so, Miller noted. So pretend you're representing a client's best interests.] If you do your homework you will know what is fair and reasonable to ask for, ... Don't settle for less."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"The hair is the richest ornament of women"
Author: Luther Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"(The plate) is clearly a program in which legislators agreed that providing practical assistance to women facing difficult pregnancies is both benevolent and appropriate."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"The two women positively enjoy punishing the portly knight for his audacity as they deal with an insanely jealous husband, a rebellious daughter, a warlike French doctor, a nosy Welch clergyman and all the other denizens of their Windsor community."
Author: Burroughs Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"We really want to get rid of the stereotypes between the Notre Dame women and the Saint Mary's women. I haven't experienced [the tension] myself but some girls said they did, especially at Domerfest."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"I can see how a lot of women might be confused."
Author: Rossouw Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"It spans a 10-year period from about, like, 1955 to about 1965, ... Women didn't receive the same kind of education. You weren't expected to have a job. Birth control was not legal until the early '60s."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"I think the WHI findings make it absolutely clear that nobody should be encouraging women to take hormones for the purpose of primary prevention of heart disease."
Author: Stefanick Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"They understand it's a great way to hit women."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"The witnesses said they could hear the women screaming,"
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"It was foolish. It was selfish. I'd like to apologize to the four women involved. I'd like to apologize to the students on campus. I'd like to apologize to my coaches, my teammates, my family and the state of Connecticut."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Women justices have had a major impact on some things that you don't usually associate with the Supreme Court."
Author: Schlanger Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"And that's a good thing. Women relate differently to challenges, and that's very needed in today's world."
Author: Tam Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"If he hadn't gotten those young women it would have been someone else."
Author: Gray Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Women are so excited to be able to donate their milk."
Author: Alexander Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"The mayor was devastated. He knew his city was damaged beyond what they'd realized. There were women in the room crying. It was a very emotional meeting."
Author: Bahamonde Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"I am delighted that a qualification route has now been established for the best women players to gain access to the championship, competing alongside men on the same courses and from the same tees."
Author: Dawson Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"And he brought back all the goods, and also brought again his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women also, and the people."
Author: Bible Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"And he made the laver of brass, and the foot of it of brass, of the lookingglasses of the women assembling, which assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation."
Author: Bible Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"We've wanted to expand our reach. Now, instead of only being able to afford one or two dresses, women can buy eight to 10 a year."
Author: Mischka Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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