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"The folks that we work for have seen it all, so you have to start from there,"
Author: Bailey Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"There are some individuals who seem to have an undercurrent of not wanting to work together,"
Author: MacPhee Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It's no secret that he does not like primaries and he's going to work up until the end to try to avoid one at all cost."
Author: McClelland Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It definitely would be nice to add another win. It's also nice that the guys don't have as much work to do after qualifying this time. I'm pretty happy with the results. We've made a lot of progress through the weekend. Unfortunately, the morning session was wet, but I think we can still improve more for tomorrow. I'm pretty optimistic we are going to have a good car for the race."
Author: Bergmeister Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We're not doing anything bad. We just need the work."
Author: Cruz Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"He's put in a lot of work and he's consistent. In the mile, he splits were almost perfectly even. He still needs to figure out when he can kick and maintain it. But it's still early in the season."
Author: Floetke Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I can't wait to meet him. I'm ready to work."
Author: Reyes Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We have to continue to work on passing so we can run our offense a little better, ... We have to be more accurate so we can run the faster offense."
Author: Craven Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We came to work, not to be discriminated against. We want to be equal."
Author: Hernandez Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"The question that remains out there is, 'is this merger going to work or is it just going to follow the pattern of all the other (airline industry) mergers and be something quite negative."
Author: Maldutis Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Last summer, I was walking to my car early in the morning before work, I had an early meeting, and I got mugged."
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I do like to keep mementos from my work, whether they be photos, the backs of make-up chairs or even props and clothes."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"They came out and everything they did clicked. Everything we did didn't work. We know in no way that's who we are. The bye came at a time where guys can use it. After a loss like that, it's good to get away."
Author: Dawkins Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"We just moved the ball and tried to make them work on D and work the clock down. We just had to make sure everyone was moving and coming hard to catch the ball."
Author: Dillon Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"It's always nice to see Trent out there. He's our leader. He's the guy who makes this thing work."
Author: Waters Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"In this welcome meeting we expressed our willingness to work together on a bilateral agenda."
Author: Bachelet Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"No one's really better than the others. We just try to work together and motivate each other."
Author: Burns Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"They discussed the Syrian track, and the best ways to move the process forward. There's still work to do."
Author: Hammer Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Ideas won't work unless you do."
"I'm always on the go. I work close to 15 to 18 hours a day. In bed, I could read my books and listen to my tapes and get back on track."

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