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80 Crime And Criminals quotes:

"We don't know why that's true, but countywide, statewide, even nationally, data shows us that violent crimes tend to increase during July and August,"
"We shall also exchange evidence which will help reveal crimes that were committed against our people,"
"Where the criminals cover their crimes by making them legal."
"All I wanted was a refund, but instead we got treated like criminals. They made my wife cry on her honeymoon, and that's priceless."
"All of us want to hold criminals accountable for what they doeveryone does. But the way that we're doing it is not the right way."
"Criminals know the best way to get shot is to break in at night. When you go to work, they go to work. It's rare to have a home invasion at night,"
"Fortunately, it's a rare occurrence. You know only criminals are taking the guns, and that gun can be turned around and used not only against you but also a fellow officer."
"Guns don't fall from the sky into the hands of criminals. The crime gun market is fed by a small, identifiable group of reckless gun dealers. Yes, we must severely punish criminals who use guns. But we must also stop the flood of illegal guns at its source -- the gun dealers who put profit ahead of public safety."
"He understood the dangers posed by drug kingpins and criminals, and worked tirelessly to make Mexico safe,"
"He viewed these guys as liars and criminals. When you do something that dramatic, I don't think you ever get the judge back to your side."
"I don't think prosecutors start out suspecting their own witnesses to be criminals."
"If law enforcement officials have the tools to crack down on corrupt gun dealers and criminals face background checks wherever they buy guns, we can slow the flood of illegal guns to a trickle and save countless lives."
"Not only does it take a statute that was designed to go after the bad guys -- the criminals -- and use it against law enforcement, but it does it in a way that could cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars."
"That's a lot of criminals."
"There are a lot of criminals in this city, ... We were the first on the water, we were the first to rescue people."
"There are no criminals in the database. It's you guys. It's a joke."
"These are not armed criminals, and that's the way they were treated, ... And I find that terrifying that that would take place in the United States of America."
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"We asked to continue interviews outside of prisons. We are not talking about criminals. We haven't been told how much more time we will be given."
"When you send our men and women over there to fight, and to put their lives on the line, you've got to back them up, you've got to give them clear rules, and you've got to give them enough room to make mistakes without treating them like criminals."
"Yes, we must severely punish criminals who use guns, but we must also stop the flood of illegal guns at its source - the gun dealers who put profit ahead of public safety."

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