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Dance And Dancing Quotes

202 Dance And Dancing quotes:

"Dancers are the athletes of God."
"A perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire."
"On with dance, let joy be unconfined, is my motto; whether there's any dance to dance or any joy to unconfined."
"And because I am happy and dance and sing,They think they have done me no injury."
"Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire."
"Ten thousand saw I at a glance/ Tossing their heads in sprightly dance."
"Tossing their heads in sprightly dance."
"We dance around the ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows"
"When you do dance, I wish you a wave o' the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that"
"Come swish around, my pretty punk,And keep me dancing stillThat I may stay a sober manAlthough I drink my fill."
"Fluttering and dancing in the breeze."
"For you and I are past our dancing days."
"How can we know the dancer from the dance?"
"No dancing bear was so genteel, / Or half so dégagé."
"Those move easiest who have learn'd to dance"
"Who can tell the dancer from the dance?"
"Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world."
"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance"
"Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?"
"In a fiddler's house all are dancers"

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