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"We're going to see a good bounce back in the first quarter. Solid consumer and business spending will be driving that growth."
"True, long term interest in a subject, is the best form of market research."
"With all that cash, if they bought software that enhances their services business, that could be an interesting strategy,"
"If a man with a business brain like Richard Branson's felt the girls should take their clothes off, I knew it must be a winner [on the success of his nightclub]"
"There is a business side that comes along with us because of his status. That?s certainly a factor in this."
"We're going to have to make some decisions that might hurt some people. It's nothing personal. There are business decisions that have to be made."
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"They're going to hurt business in this town. They were [arresting people] unfairly. It was up to their discretion...they're doing whatever they want right now."
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"Most of this country's wealth is in real estate and small business ownership. And investors over 40 are clamoring for the tax-deferred or tax-free benefits of holding their tangible assets in IRA accounts."
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"We had no business being in the golf course business. We are all developers in our previous occupations."
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"Business Objects is known for the excellence of both its business intelligence applications and its exceptional customer support organization. With an industry leading product platform and a growing customer base, the need to continue to deliver exceptional customer service is paramount. We are delighted that Business Objects has selected Knova's service resolution management applications for customer service and look forward to a strong partnership."
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"You must make the same sacrifice for your business as you would for a little baby. You save in advance, pull in your belt and sacrifice until the child is on his or her own."
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"Our business does rely on Microsoft's digital rights management software and our business model also relies on Microsoft's ecosystem of device manufacturers."
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"It underscores how critical it is to have scale in this business."
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"We are pleased that the judge's ruling recognized the sound business judgment and the sacrifice of everyone at Delta. We need to move forward with the restructuring of the company."
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"John Rizzo is a classic D.O. lawyer. He understands the culture, the intelligence business. He admires the case officers. And they trust him to work out tough issues in the gray with them. He is like a corporate lawyer who knows how to make the deal happen."
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"The complexity of on-premise software ? the updates and keeping it running ? can overwhelm a small business."
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"Some companies will certainly take advantage of any reason to raise prices. However, when your business is dependent on fleet of vehicles, gas prices may become a legitimate reason for raising prices."
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"It would hurt some local business people. It's not going to bring down the price of gasoline."
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"Writing ought either to be the manufacture of stories for which there is a market demand -- a business as safe and commendable as making soap or breakfast foods -- or it should be an art, which is always a search for something for which there is no market demand, something new and untried, where the values are intrinsic and have nothing to do with standardized values."
"No man is a success in business unless he loves his work."

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