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"We want to score more points, ... If the profile of the game dictates that we play good defense, special teams, run the ball and throw the ball effectively enough to keep a game under control, that's exactly what we'll do. Yes, we'd like to score more points. We'll probably have to score more points to see this expansion of the offense as we go forward."
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"A lot of the reporters have really been wondering and doubting their editors. It wasn't that they knew the defense of Judy was wrong, but they didn't have a sense of what was being defended. . . . People all over the paper think the Times should have been covering the story harder."
Author: Clymer Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"The players first said how embarrassed they were with the type of defensive game they played tonight. Our defense keeps us in games and wins us ball games, keeps us close. We just got out of a rhythm from the start."
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"It's a defense that ranks first in our area, and amongst the best in the entire state, allowing only about 92 total yards a game."
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"The Defense Department is the largest consumer of oil in the federal government. We must develop our resources in the Coastal Plain to ensure we can meet our defense-related energy needs and reduce our dependence on unstable and unfriendly regimes."
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"Skyline played great defense. They were very physical with us and we just couldn't get the ball to go in."
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"Ray's the best, but for me I'm fired up because this is the Baltimore defense, ... They won the Super Bowl five years ago. You get hyped up playing a team that has been to where you want to go. Any time you do well against them, it makes your team look that much better."
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"Defense is the foundation. It's what Duke's built on. It's taken us a little time to get on the same page, and tonight we were."
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"if effective measures are not implemented to provide security for defense attorney who are clearly at risk."
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"Everybody gets down on Patrick's defense. He showed it tonight. It was all determination and desire."
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"A fair trial requires defense counsel who can defend their clients zealously, without fear of reprisal."
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"We started out OK. (Mandan's) pressure defense is tough. We are looking for a person to take a leadership role. We need that to happen if we are going to make it to the next level."
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"He's a strong runner, a great runner. But as a defense, when we saw him come in, that sparked the fire in us more to stop them."
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"He's our leader in the defense."
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"We got the timely hits, and played pretty good defense tonight. Allen Roy met his quota on the mound, then Peter Vance did, and then Jason Howell."
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"We probably learned the ins and outs of (the 46 defense) in two days, but it took about 10 years to really put it into action,"
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"Lennox Lewis, I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!"
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"J.R.'s man was playing off him with help defense, expecting me to come off looking to score - which I was. But J.R. was wide open so I gave him the ball and he took it from there."
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"Both are outstanding players, but the guy that affects the defense more than anyone is Randy Moss. I've never seen anyone who will back safeties up 20 years. And I think Minnesota is starting to see now, not only are they missing the big play potential, but the running game is affected as well because all of a sudden people play closer to the scrimmage. While T.O. is an outstanding player, I think Randy changes the game more than anyone."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"We came out a little flat but we hung in there, especially our defense in the second half. We may not be the most talented team, but we do hustle."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Defense Quotes

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