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"After a lengthy and unfortunate delay in our investigation, justice can go forward."
Author: Starr Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"The delay may give them the opportunity to negotiate instead of rushing to market."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"He's the master of delay."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"No one knows when this is going to end. DeLay is confident that when it ends, the prosecutors will conclude that he's done nothing wrong."
Author: Cullen Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"There was a delay in the process. I'm not exactly sure what that is at this moment, nor do I know if I'm even going to press for it, with the fact that they got it. So they'll be traveling to Florida tomorrow."
Author: Mozeliak Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"The Israelis say: 'OK, we'll impose a unilateral solution' - which means that they will postpone, delay the struggle and they will not solve the problem."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"I'd like to apologize for the delay."
Author: Kutaragi Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"There should be specific services industry related visas and there should be no cap or delay in processing them."
Author: Karnik Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"A sustained dialogue for a principled and lasting settlement must commence without further delay, ... We remain ready for such a dialogue at any time, any place, any level."
Author: Musharraf Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"This can't go on any longer. Any tactics to delay... anything that does not close this chapter... is unacceptable. They could have done this six months ago."
Author: Turner Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"DeLay was always trying to push things as far as he could, to see what he could get away with. This may be one of the things he doesn't get away with."
Author: Frost Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"I don't believe somebody like Tom DeLay is going to take any chances by way of his representation, and his reputation."
Author: Tobias Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"[The delay - and the subsequent spread of lasers into many areas of technology - meant that the patents were much more valuable than if he had won initially. Even though Mr. Gould had signed away 80 percent of the proceeds in order to finance his court costs,] he made millions upon millions of dollars, ... Even at the 20 percent he was left with, he in his last years was a rich man."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"We're getting what we wanted. We wanted a delay and an opportunity to look more closely at this thing, and give Congress an opportunity to ask more questions."
Author: Reynolds Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"That would have been a big one. The long delay in reviewing it certainly took the momentum away."
Author: Comley Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"One word for Microsoft: delay. Stretch the remedy out, stretch the appeal out, stretch the Supreme Court proceeding out. If you delay as long as possible then anything could happen."
Author: Lande Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"Alton's very quick and they do a good job pressuring the ball. They were well prepared to guard our delay game, and it showed. Our guys did a really good job of coming back down the floor and executing a good play to get us the lead back."
Author: Waldo Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"The Microsoft delay has hurt the Nasdaq and will reverberate throughout all of technology. That will be today's big headline. We closed ragged yesterday, so we're going to have a tired market to start."
Author: Wachtel Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"[Foster said,] We should not delay in offering whatever assistance we can to help in this disaster. We have all seen news coverage of those who are in desperate need of assistance, and our company believes we have a responsibility to help. We think this is the best way to lend a hand at this time. ... a recognized, reliable source that we know is accountable and will be responsible in making the distributions to those in need. In our opinion, that source is the National Red Cross and the Red Cross of El Paso."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"We have a window of opportunity to prevent a pandemic or at least delay the spread of a pandemic."
Author: Chan Quotes Category: Delay Quotes

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