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"[The delay - and the subsequent spread of lasers into many areas of technology - meant that the patents were much more valuable than if he had won initially. Even though Mr. Gould had signed away 80 percent of the proceeds in order to finance his court costs,] he made millions upon millions of dollars, ... Even at the 20 percent he was left with, he in his last years was a rich man."
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"We're getting what we wanted. We wanted a delay and an opportunity to look more closely at this thing, and give Congress an opportunity to ask more questions."
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"That would have been a big one. The long delay in reviewing it certainly took the momentum away."
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"One word for Microsoft: delay. Stretch the remedy out, stretch the appeal out, stretch the Supreme Court proceeding out. If you delay as long as possible then anything could happen."
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"Alton's very quick and they do a good job pressuring the ball. They were well prepared to guard our delay game, and it showed. Our guys did a really good job of coming back down the floor and executing a good play to get us the lead back."
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"The Microsoft delay has hurt the Nasdaq and will reverberate throughout all of technology. That will be today's big headline. We closed ragged yesterday, so we're going to have a tired market to start."
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"[Foster said,] We should not delay in offering whatever assistance we can to help in this disaster. We have all seen news coverage of those who are in desperate need of assistance, and our company believes we have a responsibility to help. We think this is the best way to lend a hand at this time. ... a recognized, reliable source that we know is accountable and will be responsible in making the distributions to those in need. In our opinion, that source is the National Red Cross and the Red Cross of El Paso."
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"We have a window of opportunity to prevent a pandemic or at least delay the spread of a pandemic."
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"It is the last gasp of someone trying to do anything he can to delay the end."
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"We will not seek to delay unnecessarily the transition to a permanent lifting of sanctions, ... We would like to see Libya genuinely comply and return to full participation in the family of nations. But the requirements set by the Security Council must first be addressed."
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"That's just an excuse to delay. I'll be there. I live in Mobile. I will be ready to go forward,"
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"It is important to note that the delay in the decals is not a current problem for residents, because there is a grace period until April 30."
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"I absolutely stand opposed to any delay,"
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"With Merced, it's been one delay after another, ... So we feel we can lead [64-bit computing] with Alpha."
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"He's a close associate of Tom DeLay. I don't think a friend of Tom DeLay is a friend to the 21st Congressional District."
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"I don't see this as a crushing delay, but it certainly is embarrassing. It sounds like a four- to five-month delay, and that's not a disastrous day for Intel."
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"They are using every stall tactic they can to postpone a ruling. I think MasterCard wants to delay the lawsuits because it could cause problems for their planned $2.5 billion IPO."
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"A delay does not solve the (monorail) revenue problem. They can't save enough without fundamentally altering the line, and for that you have to go back to the voters."
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"We will not delay this deadline."
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"We'll certainly comply with the court's orders. We will move on it immediately and not delay. Our lawyers will be deliberating internally as to whether or not there will be any further appeals."
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