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"That whether you are British, American or some other nationality, the No 1 task is to move from inter-dependence -- which can be good or bad -- to an integrated global community in which there is a shared future, shared responsibilities, shared prosperity and, most importantly, shared values. . . . The only way we can live together is if we say the celebration of our differences requires us to say that our common humanity matters more."
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"I don't think Wall Street had fully realized the dependence of GM's and Ford's North American earnings on a few light-truck models. That was the nasty surprise that drove their shares down."
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"We want to leave behind our dependence on oil,"
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"We need to get off the oil dependence treadmill, we need to do it fast, and we need to start now. The single most important step we can take is to boost fuel economy standards significantly. Unfortunately, the Transportation Department's weak proposal shows that Washington lacks the will to face up to the problem and help solve it."
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"If anything, Katrina has spotlighted the increasing perils of our heavy dependence on oil. There is no prospect whatsoever that opening the Arctic Refuge and protected offshore areas to drilling would reduce the nation's energy supply and price vulnerabilities. Whether it comes from off America's coasts, from Alaska's Arctic via an aging aboveground pipeline, or from the politically unstable Middle East, oil is an increasingly vulnerable energy source. Heavy oil dependence leaves our economy wide open to price and supply shocks."
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"Nepal uses its strengthening relationship with China to offset its dependence on India. Tibet is of crucial importance in all of that dynamic."

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