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Disease Quotes

303 Disease quotes:

"You're getting rid of the disease in the bone marrow. I think that the efficacy is unquestionable."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"With the modern diseases (once TB, now cancer) the romantic idea that the disease expresses the character is invariably extended to assert that the character causes the disease -- because it has not expressed itself. Passion moves inward, striking and blighting the deepest cellular recesses."
"Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue."
Author: Orbach Quotes Category: Disease Quotes Obesity Quotes
"It can't be known whether the disease is bird flu or not before the test result is announced in Ankara."
Author: Sahin Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"The conventional wisdom is that people who have gum disease typically don't have a problem until they are 35 or 40 years old, ... We found it is much more prevalent than anyone believed at a much younger age than anyone thought."
Author: White Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"This is the kind of surveillance system that really allows us to first identify how far the disease is spreading and then to rapidly move in and cull birds that might have been exposed and to clean areas to reduce the possibility that humans can become infected even from the droppings of these birds."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Once a disease like AIDS reaches the kind of proportions we see in sub-Saharan Africa it is no longer a disease, it is a disaster, ... Such a widespread disease destroys the work force and shatters the economy."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Much meat, much disease."
"This has turned out to be the disease that has been the most difficult for geneticists to crack, probably because of the large environmental contribution."
Author: Stefansson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"If there was a disease outbreak, within seconds we can trace the animal, the property it came from, and every movement the animal has made. It means the region can be isolated, while the rest of the country can keep trading."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"It isn't my physical presence that bears down on the disease."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Clearly migratory birds may be implicated in spreading this disease and we may see avian influenza in other countries because of that."
Author: Ryan Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"It's a disease that makes you uncomfortable, so, all things considered, that's not too bad. It's still a gift in that it makes one alive. To see what I've lost makes me see what I've gained and what I have."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"DIAGNOSIS, n. A physician's forecast of the disease by the patient's pulse and purse."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"From thy thighs, knees, heels, and the tips of thy feet--from thy hips I do tear out the disease seated in thy buttocks, from thy bottom the disease seated in thy buttocks."
Author: Veda Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"I don't consider that him . That was a reaction to the disease."
Author: Bowden Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"It is a disease that can spread to humans, ... It's rare, but it does happen. The main way hunters would be exposed to it is the same way anyone else would, and that's through mosquito bites."
Author: O'Brien Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"There have been something like 180 million birds that have died either directly from the disease or been culled because they were exposed to it. Yet it's taken us all this time -- more than two years, almost three years now -- to cross this barrier."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"What would emerge would be a disease as deadly as avian influenza, which currently has a case fatality rate of over 50%, but that moves as easily as seasonal influenza does from person to person."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"Everyone has something ancestral, even if it is nothing more than a disease"
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes

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