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"If we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity"
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity."
"We know that if we play well we can beat them. Our goal is to play better than we did. We might not shoot better, but we can play defense and rebound better."
"So students would be meeting with faculty in the evening, talking about issues of race, diversity and ethnicity."
"All else being equal, the president would go for diversity. Women and minorities will be among the candidates considered,"
Author: Berenson Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"All along, Louis Farrakhan and his minions have suggested that this march will be different, that it will embrace diversity in a show of solidarity and strength. Now we see what he means. Already the sideshows surrounding this event are being stacked with noted racists and anti-Semites on the extremist fringe. One can only wonder what this portends for the main event itself."
Author: Foxman Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We don't program (the festival) for commerciality. We program for diversity."
Author: Redford Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today."
"Sen. Lott believes this is an effort to open a dialogue on the serious issues of race, diversity and opportunity between Americans. This will be an ongoing effort."
Author: Bonjean Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"It aims for a critical mass of diversity so that under-represented minority students do not feel isolated or like spokespersons for their race."
Author: Schiff Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Hopefully it adds a little spice and adds a little diversity and will be something new for teams to go against as well as fans to see."
Author: Hawkins Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"I don't think you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to realize the diversity of even the most diverse firms in Nashville falls behind places like New York and San Francisco. The solution is not to apologize for it, but to work hard to make it better."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"In the 28 years that I've been attending CES, this is the first one that's had such diversity of consumer electronics, PC and content industries."
Author: Doherty Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We want to do something to promote diversity on campus."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"The goal of this project is to capture as much of the original genetic diversity as possible by including many areas in the ongoing breeding program being conducted by the ACF."
Author: Johnston Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity"
"Rainbow Tribe's mission is to use dance as a medium to educate the public on the importance of embracing diversity."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without."
Author: Coffin Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"Everyone recognizes the goal of equal opportunity in all of our institutions. And race-neutral policies that achieve greater diversity are preferable."
Author: Schiff Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration."

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