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"We gave him as much time as we possibly could, but the doctors aren't going to let him play if they think he's going to do any damage. So we'll just get straight about what's going on. From what they tell me, it's about pain."
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"Temperance and labor are the two real physicians of man."
"The doctors told me (last Friday) that he probably could have come back in, but for precautionary reasons we kept him out the remainder of the game."
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"It's just a bruise. The doctors said it will go away."
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"The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot."
"That's what my goal is right now and I expect to be ready, ... But the doctors are telling me playing this year might put that in jeopardy, that I could undo any gains I've already made. No matter how much I want to play, I'm not going to let that happen."
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"Vince doesn't look too good right now. So hopefully our doctors have that secret formula."
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"Everyone is screaming that (being without a cap would) open the floodgates for litigation against doctors, health care costs would skyrocket and doctors will leave the state. None of that has ever been established."
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"The doctors cleared him. I am 100 percent confident, [team president] Isiah [Thomas] is 100 percent confident, that we have a healthy basketball player here."
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"I don't have any concerns. It's all on (the doctors). They have to do their evaluation a little bit more, and then we'll see what happens. I'm ready to play, but will they let me? That's the only thing that would be holding me back."
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"We look for them (music-users) and they come to us. Clients like doctors' offices and retail chains know there is a fee to be paid and contact us."
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"We are already at or near the bottom nationally in the number of doctors, particularly specialists, statewide. Just the rate of growth and size of the (Las Vegas) community have made this a critical situation to the point where hospitals are routinely understaffed throughout the valley."
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"The doctors gave us the go-ahead to sign the player. They understood that it was a four-year deal with significant money. We wanted clearance and to make sure there wasn't a health risk. I would not have done the deal if the doctors didn't clear it."
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"He wants to play. The doctors are concerned because he had a very severe broken arm and... if we did something with him there could be nerve damage."
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"You have to give severe damage and strong liability because doctors and insurance companies put up a big fight."
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"We believe digital health imaging margins will remain under pressure as doctors shift from printing X-rays to viewing on screen."
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"Our doctors took a swab of it and it takes 48 hours to get the confirmed test back that it's MRSA; and within 48 hours Brandon was already in the hospital. So we didn't know that's what it was."
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"I imagine doctors can only recommend (lawn bowling) especially as one ages, for one can play into one's 80s and some into the 90 years. Yet with the strategy and need for good eye-hand coordination it also appeals to young people."
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"We're not doctors. We have to tell people that all the time. They look at us when we walk in the door and they assume we know everything."
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"It seems to be my best option. Even if I came back [to play] after rehab, [doctors] wanted me to have surgery after the season, and they didn't like the odds too much."
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