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"(Doctors) were saying we can't tell you if you are going to play again. A couple of doctors were saying we're more worried about you walking than playing football."
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"A consultation with his doctors, and X-rays, have confirmed that there are no broken bones, although there is the understandable soreness and discomfort that typically result from a fall of this type."
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"Emergency departments and ER doctors will take it on the chin. And follow-up care would be difficult for those patients to obtain, especially those without insurance."
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"I'm a little sore. The doctors were great and did a pretty thorough evaluation of me. They didn't find anything broken, but just to be sure, they fitted me with a cast that I'll wear until I meet with my doctors on Monday. It looks a lot worse than it is."
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"The unknown was pretty scary. But now that we know it's treatable, and we trust our doctors, and we've had tremendous support from family and friends, I'm doing really, really well."
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"Milosevic has very good doctors in The Hague and all that he needs for his health. He can have it even in the detention unit...."
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"It's awesome being home, ... It's great to spend time with my wife and kids without having nurses and doctors coming in and out."
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"These new facilities have been years in the making and represent the collective thought of doctors, nurses, patients and their parents, architects and many, many others who have brought their unique perspective to the task -- to design facilities that will support the most advanced medical and surgical practice available, anywhere. When we complete the construction, these facilities will enable us to meet our patient care responsibilities well into the future."
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"He went through some treatment today and the doctors are continuing to be encouraged, but he's really still in that active rest period. We don't think this is going to be a quick fix."
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"I'm optimistic about it because I just know how tough he is, and from what the doctors say, he's still got some miles left in that knee."
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"The doctors say he's OK to go, the trainer says he's OK to go and he says he's OK to go. You don't put a guy out there with a restriction."
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"In this handwritten letter, Slobodan Milosevic speaks about an inadequate treatment conducted by doctors of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and is again asking for Russian support in getting permission for undergoing therapy at a medical facility in Moscow."
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"More times than not, doctors think because you're a big guy everything's cool. But talking to the doctor, she said that's not the case. Things aren't normal. They're off."
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"Coming in, I had a lot of questions whether I'd go a whole year, ... Even though [doctors] said I should be all right, still, you have it in the back of your mind."
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"It's not something that I wanted to hear, but I am going to go with whatever the doctors and trainers say first. The timing of it is such that I haven't been able to practice and so the coaches have to do what's best for the team."
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"(The doctors) know the results of the MRI. There's definitely something there (on the MRI), that's why we're being very cautious and taking our time. They need to see how it responds and see how soon he can come back and if he does or he doesn't (need surgery)."
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"We played ball for years. We're not greedy doctors. But the administrative burdens outweigh the benefits of being in the network."
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"It's become more frequent, and that's why the doctors want me to go ahead and take care of it, ... I'm more at risk to wreck a car or pass out on an airplane or something like that."
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"I do a lot with the military; I'm not in the Marine Corps anymore because they don't have doctors, but after 9/11, they called me back and I do a lot with the Air Force Reserve out of Fort Worth,"
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"I don't have [an answer] yet. I haven't sat down with the doctors since I had the MRI. It's something I'll ask. Is there a reason? Is there a cause? Could it be a thousand variables that led up to it or is it one specific thing? I'm sure there's not one answer. Will I ever know? I don't know."
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