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"The dogs shed a lot of blood in these things."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"When the breeders make the dogs smaller than they should be, you start running into problems."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"These dogs are born to pull. Six of them could pull that pickup."
Author: Sansom Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"It's in their breeding. It's like 'stick' is the only word a Labrador retriever knows. These dogs pull."
Author: Sansom Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"This shelter is 1,000 times nicer than our old place, ... We started moving our dogs in Aug. 7."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Is the chemical aftertaste the reason why people eat hot dogs, or is it some kind of bonus?"
"We don't know if there was a car waiting for them, ... The dogs picked up their scent, both by footprints and track, but we have been unable to locate them."
Author: Haley Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"It's good to see some other guys besides our big dogs do something to help us out. If we want to go to the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs, we definitely can't rely on those two or we're in trouble. Not that they can't do it, but it's going to take all 25 of us."
Author: Giles Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Some 41 percent of dogs are brought into pounds because they bark too much. You can teach dogs to bark on command, you can teach them not to bark."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"To say that a person would be allowed to barbecue two different dogs, two different occasions and not have the penalty, I don't consider that an acceptable option for a bill."
Author: Brand Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"They are probably the most intense in the whole group of herding dogs, ... They have intense concentration skills."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"I'm actually more surprised by the people who don't sleep with their dogs. The people I know, they all sleep with their dogs."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"They're all so infatuated with their own dogs."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"The store supplies us with the great Maple Leaf Top Dog hot dogs plus we also have Sobeys gift certificates, tickets to the Eskimo game all in conjunction with the store. Its a lot of fun to talk with people, talk up the football game and also to talk about the store and the area."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Our study provides compelling evidence that cancers hidden beneath the skin can be detected simply by [dogs] examining the odors of a person's breath."
Author: McCulloch Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"[Neighbor Mary Peters told CNN she and others were trying to help, despite the dogs.] We were very afraid of the dogs, ... I have a friend who was bit by one of the dogs trying to go over there to help."
Author: Peters Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Dogs are becoming less like worker bees and more like members of the family. And members of the family sleep in beds."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Fox has had three nagging injuries but both are hard trying dogs. Both will be A-AA dogs."
Author: Cooley Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"The dogs are trained to alert their handlers by barking when theyve located the scent, ... The dogs search a vast area of land, and the handler is trained to watch their response. It comes down to always trusting your dog, as you would trust any other partner."
Author: Gould Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"That's the plot of the movie. The dogs' struggle for survival, without people, after they are stranded. Also, instead of 13 dogs being left, only eight get left behind in the movie."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes

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