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"What we seem to be seeing is a virus that's spreading fairly rapidly, particularly among groups of dogs in kennel and boarding situations."
Author: Dubovi Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"One hundred percent of dogs will be susceptible."
Author: Dubovi Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"One hundred percent of dogs will be susceptible. I would expect to see this infection moving through groups of dogs until a large percentage gets infected."
Author: Dubovi Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"To relive the relationship between owner and slave we can consider how we treat our cars and dogs -- a dog exercising a somewhat similar leverage on our mercies and an automobile being comparable in value to a slave in those days."
Author: Hoagland Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes Slavery Quotes
"When you watch this guy play, I can't put it other way, he dogs it,"
Author: Verducci Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"The dog has got more fun out of Man than Man has got out of the dog, for the clearly demonstrable reason that Man is the more laughable of the two animals"
Author: Thurber Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Some dogs just don't grow. Must be the same with people."
Author: Allain Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"I think we broke a record for concession sales — buying more drinks and popcorn and hot dogs. It's great for those people. We make more money."
Author: Bowden Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"It is sad that the president's attack dogs don't know the difference between breaking the law and making a mistake decades ago,"
Author: DeLay Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"That they may have a little peace, even the best dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally."
"Dogs are very sensitive to their owners' moods and pick up on when they are unhappy, unwell or under pressure."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"There were 10 million nails everywhere you stepped. There was hazardous waste. There was sewage. The dogs don't have nice steel-toed boots that they can wear. They have to walk through the muck and they are decontaminated and washed every time they get back from a search."
Author: Richards Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"I may have been a golden retriever in a past life. When I walk down the street, strange dogs I've never met before look at me and do double takes. They do. They look again."
Author: Macy Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"It may be an Iron Curtain for the Crazy Dogs,"
Author: Keller Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"Everybody knows about our two big dogs. But we've had a lot of people step up this year for us."
Author: Friel Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"We were sleeping in the car, ... We had to put the dogs outside the car and sleep in the car because it (hotel space) was just filled up all the way through Texas."
Author: Sibley Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"As humans have a prior right to existence over dogs by virtue of being more highly evolved and having a superior consciousness, so women have a prior right to existence over men. The elimination of any male is, therefore, a righteous and good act, an act highly beneficial to women as well as an act of mercy."
Author: Solanas Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"They wouldn't run away when dogs were attacking them. They literally were hanging around the houses, and around the school, right in the downtown part of the community,"
Author: Suzuki Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"We've had a lot of people come who are not happy about dogs and have asked for more enforcement."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"We do think they (prairie dogs) should be away from playing fields, not only for the well-being of our youth, but also for the well-being of the animals."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes

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