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392 Duty quotes:

"Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires, but according to our powers."
Author: Amiel Quotes Category: Duty Quotes Swiss Philosopher Quotes
"She was determined, as she felt it to be her duty, to try to overcome all that was excessive."
Author: Austen Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Love can do much, but duty more."
Author: Goethe Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"If each one does their duty as an individual and if each one works in their own proper vocation, it will be right with the whole."
"being treated for minor injuries only and are expected to return to duty shortly."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"He who defines duty for himself is his own master."
Author: Cheatham Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Let us do our duty, in our shop in our kitchen, in the market, the street, the office, the school, the home, just as faithfully as if we stood in the front rank of some great battle, and knew that victory for mankind depends on our bravery, strength, and skill. When we do that, the humblest of us will be serving in that great army which achieves the welfare of the world."
Author: Parker Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"There is no duty we so much underrated as the duty of being happy."
Author: Stevenson Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"It is the duty of government to make it difficult for people to do wrong, easy to do right."
Author: Gladstone Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"No matter where you go, always do your duty as you see it and know that I will be there inside you guiding you every step of the way...There is no need to worry about anything. Whatever is experienced, whatever happens, know that this Avatar willed it so. There is no force on earth which can delay for an instant the mission for which this Avatar has come. You are all sacred souls and you will have your parts to play in the unfolding drama of the new Golden Age, which is coming."
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Although the plane has not been formally adopted for service, it has been placed on combat duty. A man in my position should be personally aware of how this is done,"
Author: Putin Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd."

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