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"It's heavy duty to try to do everything and please everybody . . . My job was to go out there and play the game of basketball as best I can, ... People may not agree with that . . . I can't live with what everyone's impression of what I should or what I shouldn't do."
Author: Jordan Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"This, then, is held to be the duty of the man of wealth: First, to set an example of modest, unostentatious living, shunning display or extravagance; to provide moderately for the legitimate wants of those dependent upon him; and, after doing so, to consider all surplus revenues which come to him simply as trust funds, which he is called upon to administer, and strictly bound as a matter of duty to administer in the manner which, in his judgment, is best calculated to produce the most beneficial results for the community /the man of wealth thus becoming the mere trustee and agent for his poorer brethren, bringing to their service his superior wisdom, experience and ability to administer, doing for them better than they would or could do for themselves."
Author: Carnegie Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Let every man shovel out his own snow and the whole city will be passable."
Author: Emerson Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"In the time we have it is surely our duty to do all the good we can to all the people we can in all the ways we can."
Author: Barclay Quotes Category: Duty Quotes Scottish Theologian Quotes
"I think the first duty of society is justice"
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself."
Author: Patton Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that was fully as interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it."
"The most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us."
"My duty is to report what has happened to the Security Council and the United Nations. I'm going to New York to do that."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Your first duty as a writer is to write to please yourself. And you have no duty towards anyone else."
Author: Chang Quotes Category: Duty Quotes Chinese Historian Quotes
"[T]he House of Maidens was for little girls whose whole duty in life was to spill things, break things, and forget things . . . until they had spilled, broken, and forgotten everything they could, and thus made room in their lives for a little wisdom."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"When the fabric of the universe becomes unknown, it is the duty of the university to produce weavers"
Author: Gee Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"They're actually going to relieve some of the New Orleans firefighters who have been on duty since the storm hit."
Author: Piringer Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The accused should be tried and rendered a verdict, ... It is our constitutional duty to see this through, as tiring and trying as this may be. The constitutional process is at stake."
Author: Gramm Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The first duty of a man is the seeking after and the investigation of truth."
Author: Cicero Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Marriage is the miracle that transforms a kiss from a pleasure into a duty"
Author: Rowland Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Promptitude is not only a duty, but is also a part of good manners; it is favorable to fortune, reputation, influence and usefulness"
Author: Simmons Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Despite this expensive lesson, I continue to believe that each and every citizen has the duty to turn over evidence of criminal wrongdoing, especially evidence that implicates our highest elected government officials."
Author: Tripp Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty."
"I wish either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them, as they were in duty both equally bound to it, had minded what they were about when they begot me"
Author: Sterne Quotes Category: Duty Quotes

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