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Appreciation Gift Bags & Totes

Show your employees that you appreciate them with custom tote bags & gift bags. Browse our cool company gift bags. Get inspired with these tote-ally awesome motivational and custom tote bags, company tote bags, and more motivational gifts. Browse company gift bags, lunch bags, backpacks, coolers, and more to find fun and affordable employee appreciation gifts recipients will love.

Appreciation Gift Bags & Totes

Reasons Why Custom Tote Bags Are Great Gifts

Totes are useful for just about anyone, because we all use bags to carry things like lunches, gym gear, work equipment, and more in our everyday lives. People who are environmentally minded might even like to use eco-conscious canvas tote bags to take with them to the grocery store or on shopping trips, to cut down on waste. When you give functional gifts like these and decorate them with motivational or gratitude-filled messages, custom or company tote bags can serve as reminders to strive for greatness and make a positive difference.

If you work with any kind of organization, whether it's a corporation, nonprofit, or other type of group, here are a few reasons to consider motivational and custom tote bags when you're searching for meaningful gifts:

  • Tote bags are multifunctional. Tote bags in canvas or sports tote bag varieties have plenty of room for whatever recipients want to use them for. From home to work or gym to the store, a tote can be used throughout the day to make the recipient's life much easier.
  • Totes protect what matters. Tote bags in models like an executive tech messenger bag or Thanks for All You Do bag are stylish ways for teachers and business professionals to carry the gear they need. Laptops, notepads, wires and cables, adapters, and more can be transported and protected in these classy totes.
  • Tote bags are innovative ways to store other gifts. Instead of using a gift bag or wrapping paper to give another gift, house employee gifts inside a tote bag, which doubles as both a cute way to present a gift and is a thoughtful gift in itself.
  • Backpacks and bags promote your brand. When you create custom tote bags that feature your organization's name, whenever someone uses them, they can also serve as marketing materials for your brand. Backpacks are great everyday totes that can be used on the hiking trail, to carry to the gym, or to bring to work for a sportier tote style. Stylish totes can inspire admiration from onlookers, who might inquire about where they're from.

Totes are even cooler when they're included in multi-functional gift sets. At Successories, we have neat company gift bag ideas like an Excellence Leatherette Tumbler & Thermos Gift Set, a Thanks for Being Awesome 5-Piece Gift Set with notepad and flashlight, and a Leading the Way Motivational 5-Piece Gift Set with a straw tumbler, pen, and more. When you add personal touches like the recipient's name or a custom message, the tote or bag becomes even more special.

Occasions to Give Company Tote Bags and More

Any time is a great time to give a company tote bag or custom tote bag, because they can be used year-round in a wide variety of situations. Giving a gift is a way to recognize the recipient and reinforce your relationship with them. Consider these ideas:

  • Someone has performed above and beyond what you expect. When someone at work or in an organization makes a notable achievement, reward their work and effort with a fun and functional tote bag.
  • Someone has just joined or is leaving your organization. Welcome new members to your organization with a tote bag, or send off someone who is retiring or leaving with a gift they'll be able to use for years to come.
  • Your organization has an event where tote bags will be useful. If you're going on a company-wide retreat, you're sending employees to a conference, or employees are traveling on behalf of your organization, they'll be able to use a tote bag gift throughout their trip, which makes things easier and more convenient.

Tote bags are affordable ways to show your appreciation, make team members feel special, and spread the brand of your company or organization. Tote bags are a gift that can be used over and over again, as positive sentiment for your business gets strengthened with every use.

Shop Company Gift Bags and Custom Tote Bags Now

When you need gifts for any occasion, you can count on Successories to deliver top variety for awards ceremonies, special occasions, thank you gifts, or just-because gifts. Our custom tote bags and company gift bags are made from long-lasting, high-quality materials, and are expertly crafted to provide a beautiful and professional product. Recipients you give them to will love the thoughtful gesture and usefulness of these gifts.

You can buy tote and gift bags for employees and organization team members now, and get massive discounts for the more items you order. Browse more than 100 types of stylish bags for memorable gifts here.

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