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With their universally powerful messages, unique graphics and inspiring images, our books are motivational masterpieces that make great gifts. Now you can personalize gift books! Many of our books allow for personalized covers and first pages! For more information on how you can personalize our books please call 1-800-535-2773.

Customer Favorite Books

Updated Sunday 08-25-2019
212 Degrees The Extra Degree Book
starstarstarstarstar from Denise of Scottsdale AZ

212 Degrees The Extra Degree Book

What a "tangible" motivational book!
As a Christmas gift, I gave this book to each of my plant managers. A multi location dryclean and laundry organization....this book's message clearly paralleled not only from a motivational standpoint but with our industry(steam/water)and the new year, 2012.

The Dash Revised Edition Gift Book
starstarstarstarstar from Cheryl P of Pittsburgh(Bellevue), PA

The Dash Revised Edition Gift Book

Great concept!
This is a wonderful book to read as you are going through life.....very thought provoking. Sort of helps you take inventory of what your life has been like up til point and helps you think about how you may be able to change directions if needed, or stay the course you are currently on!

Here's To You Book
starstarstarstarstar from Travis P of Dallas, TX

Here's To You Book

This book rocks! Talk about scratching someone's back!