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These unique paperweights make great gifts and awards. Featuring our motivational sentiments and inspirational images, our exclusive collection of paperweights make great appreciation gifts. Choose from crystal paperweights, colorful paperweights, and stone paperweights.

Customer Favorite Paperweights

Updated Saturday 08-15-2020
Above & Beyond Jets Positive Outlook Paperweight
starstarstarstarno star from Alice the Banker of Newark OH

Above & Beyond Jets Positive Outlook Paperweight

Quality and service was amazing!!
We gave these paperweights to our supervisors to help motivate them for the coming new year.

I loved the free gift card - we were able to personalize our message to make it more meaningful.

Hemisphere Desk Clock & Magnifier
starstarstarstarstar from Joyce of undisclosed

Hemisphere Desk Clock & Magnifier

I will shop here again!
Customer service reached out to me and replaced my item. It came in quickly and it is perfect.
Thank you so much for reaching out and taking care of my concerns.

Teamwork Rowers Positive Outlook Paperweight
starstarstarstarno star from JVV of Danbury, ct

Teamwork Rowers Positive Outlook Paperweight

Teamwork Matters
Great size for desk and motivational- used for recognition and to remind us we are all in this together.

Send a Positive Message With a Paperweight

Paperweights don't just hold down paper - they serve so many more important functions in a corporate or home office. Some benefits of paperweights include:

  • They help keep things organized. Paperweights can be used to top important documents or stacks of paper so that they remind someone to return to them later.
  • They add an artistic flair. Offices are injected with more personality when paperweights are present. Beautiful images on a paperweight can help the object to serve as an office art piece, too.
  • They inspire motivation. Metal or glass paperweights that are engraved with a special message can help to keep the owner motivated to work harder and achieve more. They can also boost a mood and keep energy levels high in the office.

Paperweights are easy to transport, making them a great tool for on-the-go meetings that might occur outside, at a coffee shop or restaurant, or in any other environment where keeping paper materials tidy is imperative. Paperweights are meaningful, useful gifts that recipients will feel special to get.

Types of Paperweights to Consider

At Successories, we have more than 40 different types of paperweights to choose from. Whether you're giving them to outstanding staff or want to get paperweights as gifts for a special event, there are plenty of beautiful options available to turn your ideas into meaningful gifts. Consider these:

  • Glass paperweights: Glass paperweights allow those who are giving them to choose unique artwork or messages to display in an eye-catching glass form. Felt bottoms prevent desktop scratching.
  • Stone paperweights: A stone paperweight is an artistic display of appreciation. Standing up, it includes an inspirational message and has a sculptural design that adds a stately touch to an office.
  • Metal paperweights: Metal paperweights are crisp, clean, and simply designed while packing a powerful message. Some of our metal paperweights feature motivational ideas and can be used both to hold down papers and rest a drink on.
  • Crystal paperweights: A paperweight becomes so much more significant when it takes an award form. Stunning crystal paperweights are gifts that recipients will love to display on a desk for clients to see.
  • Wooden paperweights: Wooden paperweights that come in the shape of a block allow more room for more encouraging messages that can be turned over and read whenever inspiration is needed.

Many of our paperweight awards include a motivational message, so they convey heartfelt messages you want to convey to the recipient in a beautiful form. When you want to show appreciation or recognition to team members, paperweights are a great gift option.

Ideas for When to Give Paperweights

Any time is a great time to give a gift from the heart to make the person you're giving it to feel special. Paperweights from Successories give you plenty of options to choose from for a wide variety of occasions. You might consider giving paperweights for events like these.

  • You're welcoming a new team member to your staff. Give them their first office decoration they'll cherish.
  • You're hosting an outdoor meeting. Eliminate stress and hassle during windy conditions by providing all participants with stylish paperweights to use.
  • You want to give an award that's functional. Crystal paperweights are gorgeous awards that sparkle and can be used every day in the office.
  • You want to recognize someone. Choose a paperweight with a message that conveys your sentiment or depicts an inspirational image of achievement.
  • You're looking for gifts for an executive team. Your most dedicated employees appreciate gifts that help them do their jobs. Paperweights are appropriate and thoughtful executive gifts.

Many of our paperweights are small enough to include in gift baskets, and many are substantial enough to serve as breathtaking awards. The choice is yours in what you select for the unique occasion.

Choose Successories for Paperweights and Other Thoughtful Gifts

Successories is a top choice for business gifts that employees and clients love. We use meticulous design to create high-quality products, which feature motivational copy and images that make a big impact. We know whomever you give our paperweights to will love them. Our team is also here to help bring your gift idea to life, so you can dare to dream big!

Browse our selection of glass paperweights and more now. Have a question? Contact us here to talk with one of our friendly representatives.