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Motivational Rubik's Cube Holiday Gift Set

Price: $14.99   $14.99
SKU: 722359-BSS-TTY

Motivational Rubik's Cube Holiday Gift Set

Motivational Rubik's Cube Holiday Gift Set Canvas Gift Bag

Putting both logic and creativity to the test, this perennially popular motivational Rubik's Cube brain puzzle is the indispensable desktop accessory your team will reach for when they need to refresh and rethink. Featuring one of our photographic images and motivational messages on each of the six sides, this exclusive edition of the motivational Rubik's Cube offers a uniquely rewarding sense of satisfaction when twisted and turned into completion. Affordable and endlessly engaging, our new take on the 80s classic is an irresistible inspirational value. Complete with your choice of canvas gift bag and engraveable wooden tag.

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Price: $14.99   $14.99