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Staff Appreciation Gifts

Staff appreciation gifts from Successories are the perfect way to show employees your gratitude for their work effort. Appreciation gifts for staff don't have to be expensive to provide your company with valuable dividends. By giving tokens of your gratitude on Staff Appreciation Day, you can increase motivation and boost employee retention, which benefits the teams and relationships within your business. Use these decorative, functional, and personalized staff appreciation gift ideas to make employee recognition an integral part of your business success. Shop All Gifts »

Staff Appreciation Gifts

Benefits From Staff Appreciation Gifts

Want to boost employee productivity drastically? Make appreciation gifts for staff one of your key business strategies. A physical token of appreciation as a thoughtful gift gives your organization an immediate boost in results. Seeing or using a staff appreciation gift serves as a reminder that your business values its team members, which keeps employees motivated.

Staff Gifts Equal a Big ROI

A recent survey found that companies spend 1-2 percent of their payrolls on staff recognition efforts. The catch, however, is that 87 percent of these efforts are aimed at rewarding staff for how long they've been at the company. And with all the benefits of recognizing staff for their achievements and contributions to the business's success, such as increased engagement, productivity, and profitability, it's reasonable to conclude that most of this recognition spending is being wasted. It's being put toward tenure rewards when it should be used for more frequent and regular acts of appreciation for various accomplishments. Robust recognition programs pay off: Bersin found that companies that expanded their staff appreciation initiatives beyond simply recognizing tenure experienced a 31 percent drop in voluntary turnover rates. These companies are not exclusive to those that use only big, fancy gifts - even budget recognition, when done thoughtfully and meaningfully, can significantly boost staff retention, saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, and onboarding new staff.

Staff Appreciation Ideas

  1. Holidays - Staff recognition days, such as Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday of every March, Staff Appreciation Day on the last Wednesday of every April, and Customer Service Week every first full week of October
  2. Employee Anniversaries
  3. Company-wide Awards Ceremonies
  4. Birthdays
  5. Peer to Peer Appreciation
  6. Long Hours
  7. Project Completions
  8. Team Meetings

Besides special occasions and recognition days like these, showing spontaneous displays of appreciation based on extra effort or notable accomplishments is meaningful. It has been shown that gifts and rewards positively impact employee performance. Having a variety of thoughtful staff appreciation gifts on hand to bestow on employees when they deserve them provides benefits including:

  • Staff members stay motivated to produce at high levels at all times because recognition can happen at any moment
  • Employees perceive the value your business places on them and their fellow team members, which increases sentiment for your business and can motivate employee referrals to your company
  • When staff members are recognized, the entire team can celebrate a job well done
  • Recognition increases trust and engagement and makes employees more committed and happy with their job

Considering the high cost of replacing employees and training new ones, there is a significant return on investment by utilizing staff appreciation gift ideas often to show genuine gratitude.

When to Give Appreciation Gifts for Staff

There are plenty of opportunities to show your team members you recognize their efforts. Here are just a few ideas to get inspired to say thank you for staff appreciation.

  • Give a gift on each employee's first work day. A fun item like a stress reliever or highlighter set is something that reminds a new hire that you care every time they use it.
  • Hand out personalized office items at your next meeting. Staff meeting ideas to make work more fun include giving out functional gifts that are thematic to your presentation. Notepads and pens are inexpensive personalized gifts that make recipients feel special.
  • Include an element of recognition at every staff gathering. Praising a staff member in front of their peers makes them feel respected at work. Other team members will look forward to future meetings since they might get recognized, too.
  • Solidify team-building efforts. If you host an off-site meeting or team-building activity, staff appreciation gifts are helpful during the event and remind employees of what they learned when they use the items afterward.

Empowering your executives and managers to give gifts to their team members when an acknowledgment is due is also wise because your leaders will be more apt to foster the strengths within their teams and work with employees to keep them performing at high levels. Every part of your organization can benefit from regular recognition. Involve your leaders when considering staff appreciation gift ideas to make them more invested in your strategy.

Find Great Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas Now

Strengthening the relationships among your employees at your business is easy when you use creative gifts as recognition. There are so many ideal times to show your gratitude to your employees, and thoughtful gifts, including staff appreciation notes, can make a huge difference in employee engagement and retention at your business.

Make genuine staff appreciation a vital part of your business plan to improve productivity and sentiment for your business. Browse hundreds of staff appreciation gifts here for holidays and recognition days and spur-of-the-moment gestures of appreciation.

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