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Monthly Holidays to Celebrate Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees with gifts throughout the year helps businesses retain top talent, increase sentiment throughout the workplace culture, improve management efforts, and boost engagement. While there are plenty of employee-focused holidays to recognize among your staff, there are more monthly holidays throughout the year when giving employee gifts is appropriate. Check out some ideas below.


Here are January holidays to keep in mind:

  • New Year’s Day, January 1: Start the New Year off right with a motivational employee gift. Welcome employees back in the office after a New Year’s Day holiday with something they can get inspired by over the next year, like a motivational calendar.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, third Monday of January: This holiday celebrates a love for equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. Celebrate a strong office culture with company-wide inspirational gifts.


Keep that New Year momentum going with recognition on these February holidays:

  • Groundhog Day, February 2: This is a jovial holiday where the coming of spring or prolonging of winter is observed. Your business can get in the spirit with a team lunch that includes fun employee gifts commemorating the occasion.
  • Valentine’s Day, February 14: Show your team you care (in an office-appropriate way) with tasty items like chocolates for Valentine’s Day.
  • President’s Day, third Monday of February: Acknowledge the freedom of the country we live in by commemorating President’s Day with employee gifts.


Wondering what holidays are in March? Check these out:

  • Employee Appreciation Day, first Friday of March: Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect time to give staff appreciation gifts! Reward specific achievements or team efforts throughout your staff on this day.
  • Patrick’s Day, March 17: If you have team members who are Irish, or who just love to recognize this lucky holiday, giving out green-themed gifts is a great way to celebrate.


What holidays are in April? We’ve got you covered:

  • Easter, date varies: Easter can also fall in March, depending on the year, but often it’s in April and is the first major holiday of spring. Give employee gifts that can be enjoyed in the beautiful weather this time of year, like a bag or tote that’s great to use when spending time outdoors.
  • Administrative Professionals Day, Wednesday of the last full week of April: Your administrative professionals are some of the most important components of your business. Show them you care with an admin recognition gift to say thanks for their contributions.


May is a great time to celebrate employees. Here are some holidays to consider:

  • Mother’s Day, second Sunday of May: Working moms have a lot to juggle. Show the moms in your office you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift.
  • Memorial Day, last Monday of May: Memorial Day is a time to remember all those who have died while serving in the armed forces. If you have veterans who work on your staff, this could be a great day to recognize them for their service, too.


As summer approaches, remember these holidays for employee gift-giving:

  • Flag Day, June 14: Get in the upcoming 4th of July spirit on Flag Day, which commemorates the adoption of the American flag. A red, white, or blue gift is an appropriate way to celebrate.
  • Father’s Day, third Sunday of June: If you celebrate Mother’s Day in the office, you should show love to the dads who work for you, too. Being a parent is a great responsibility, which makes this holiday a meaningful one to recognize at work.


During the full swing of summer, keep office spirits high and focused with employee gifts on these holidays:

  • Independence Day, July 4: Celebrate this summer holiday with a summery gift, like a drink tumbler or inspirational Moscow Mule mug.
  • Parents’ Day, fourth Sunday of July: This day recognizes the hard work of parents and their commitment to their children. It’s a day when you can commemorate parents in your office, too.


There’s a holiday in August that everyone at your business should get excited about, which is:

  • Women’s Equality Day, August 26: This day commemorates the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, in which women were granted the right to vote. Show the ladies at work you appreciate them with an employee gift today.


Your entire workforce gets a day of recognition in September, as holidays this month include:

  • Labor Day, first Monday of September: Labor Day honors American workers. Show employees at your business you care about their contributions by giving out gifts on this day.
  • National Grandparents Day, first Sunday of September after Labor Day: Grandparents who work for you probably have made great contributions to their families and the world. Give a gift to recognize their roles.


There are still plenty of holidays to recognize in fall and beyond. Some in October include:

  • Columbus Day, second Monday of October: Columbus Day remembers the European discovery of the United States. Many businesses give this day off to employees, so an additional gift can add to the tribute.
  • Halloween, October 31: Halloween is a spirited day where employees often are allowed to come to work dressed in costumes and enjoy a staff party. A candy gift can get your team in a festive mood this day.


As you roll into some of the year’s most celebrated holidays, show thanks to employees on these days:

  • Veterans Day, November 11: Anyone who has served in the United States armed forces is recognized today. You probably have veterans working for your business, too, and today is a great day to show your gratitude.
  • Thanksgiving, fourth Thursday of November: Give thanks for a stellar staff with a gift that starts their holiday off on a positive note.


Close out your calendar year with employee gifts on these holidays that will leave your team excited to begin a great new year with your business:

  • Christmas, December 25: While there are many types of holiday celebrations throughout December, Christmas is a federal holiday where employees typically get the day off. Show appreciation for the festive season with a holiday gift.
  • New Year’s Eve, December 31: On the last day of the year, an employee gift will help to solidify your business as something to look forward to working with in the New Year.

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