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Updated Tuesday 05-28-2024
Thank You Pop-Open Cards
from miles of miami, FL

Thank You Pop-Open Cards

Love these! would repurchase
These are a great way to recognize employees and show anyone your appreciation. They are fun and everyone loved them!

Gratitude Greeting Card Box
from Sunny of Port Perry

Gratitude Greeting Card Box

Happy with my purchase
For the price, it's cheaper than the dollar store. Although I was not planning on sending one a week, I like that they are sold in packs of 52 to give that option. They are simple and fresh.

Thanks Pop-Open Cards
from Sheila Baeten of Sedona, AZ

Thanks Pop-Open Cards

A great way to say thank you
I love these little notes and the team really likes them as well. They are a great way to say thank you for a job well done.