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Standing Ovation

Customer Favorite Standing Ovation

Updated Wednesday 01-29-2020
Thumbs Up Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Jingles of Pierre, SD

Thumbs Up Pen 4-pack

Appreciation momento
I own a consulting company that contracts with state governments and when I present workshops I like to give each participant a small gift. It conveys that I appreciate their business and cooperation in our projects.

Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Wendy of Toronto, Ontario

Thank You Talking Pen 4-pack

Excellent recognition award!
Timely recognition in a unique and fun way! Was very well received and shared success with others!

High Five Pen 4-pack
starstarstarstarstar from Tapp of Pennsylvania

High Five Pen 4-pack

High five pen review
I purchased the high five pens for my team members in order to provide instant recognition for the hard work they perform daily. They loved them!